The Tilley Hat – Best Travel Hat Ever?

The Tilley Travel hat – this hat (T3 model) is 12 years old and has been hand washed several times. Be sure to stretch it back to size using your knee to make sure it still fits after cleaning! These hats are guaranteed for life and even insured against loss. This particular hat was made of ten-ounce USA-treated cotton duck with the best British brass hardware – handcrafted with Canadian persnicketiness.

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Trent J says:

Yes I see it now, thanks. I currently wear a T4 model, similar slightly wider brim..

MrFizzyCat says:

I like to wear my grandpas Tilley hat, sadly he passed away. But I still love wearing his hat 😀

TFlorida1 says:

I’ve owned a Tilley LTM6 for five years here in sunny Florida. I use it outside for my job and the hat works great. Keeps me cool in the summer and I like the look of it. I follow Tilleys advice and clean it when it gets dirty from sweat and the outdoors and hang it to dry. Instead of buying a new hat each year, like I used to because they took a beating, I’ve been using this one Tilley hat and see no reason why not to continue using it. Plus it takes up no space so I also take it on outdoor vacations. Tilley hats are well worth the money.

timevampire83 says:

Tilley T3, Olive Drab, medium brim. Bought it for a wedding I was attending down in the Yucatan and good Lord did it ever help out! It was like being under a damn broiler! I also used it to beat mosquitoes I saw in my room (this was during the height of the Zika scare), fan myself, went swimming with it in the bright blue ocean, it. was. grand. Anyways I never washed it, you say woolite works great so I guess I better wash it.

Trent J says:

Your are correct, no snaps on the sides, I like the idea of having snaps. I might get aT3 next as it looks very practical.

Nick Dsnik says:

Agreed you can’t beat a Tilly. Another benefit for those of us with big heads is they come in every size possible.

b sherwild says:

Really like mine. Me and my Tilley have been all over the world.

Roland Dry says:

I’m the proud owner of (4) Tilleys. Nothing I have ever put on in 52 years even comes close to a Tilley. Worth every penny.

Jack Silver says:

That one looks almost unused !….I got one exactly like that in Sydney in 2004 and its been to Manilla and Madrid and Ireland. It looks pretty tired now, the green on the underside fadeing, sweat stains, holes here and there and on the rim like an old pair of jeans…. It looks like its been through more dusty ancient temples than Indiana Jonses hat. I dont think Ill leave it in my will though as Id like to be fondly remembered, not cursed haha.

Randy Gilmore says:

Just purchased a new LTM3 Airflo Tilley hat today, excellent quality, look forward to a long relationship.

Jameson Hughes says:

I actually have a Henschel Aussie Breezer and a tea-dyed Tilley T3 (circa 1980s)…the Tilley wins hands down!

Trent J says:

Hi. Interesting video, just wanted to know what model it is, don’t mention with one it is? Cheers

Trent J says:

Yes, I agree, I like the white one in this video with the dark green under the brim. Classic look…

1joshjosh1 says:

I would totally were this hat if it were up to me. But I still need to think about attracting females attention no matter were I am traveling. Sorry Tilly hat.

dave atteberry says:

my Tilley hat experience: after about 10 years my Tilley tore where the crown meets the brim. Full disclosure…i beat the hell out of that hat. Sent it to Tilley for repair. They sent a new hat and returned the old one. I’ll never were another hat again.

Steve Cook says:

My Tilley is almost thirty years old. Finally decided to get a new one because I can’t get the sweat stains out. It goes with me wherever I travel.

blue j says:

I own 3 Tilley hats. Very comfortable hat. Keeps the sun off of my face and neck. Great sun protection.

OldHemiHead says:

Still have my original T3, natural light color, after having purchased it in maybe 1990. I admire the cleaning job you’ve done with yours through your ownership; mine has just about every blotch and stain it’s ever accumulated. Still has the paperwork stuffed in the inner top pocket, maybe some $$ too. Looking at getting a new Paddler… I prefer the old natural head and chin straps.

PTNLemay says:

I have a friend who owns one. It does look quite nice. I worry though since they sold the company in 2015. That doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the hats will be compromised, but… It’s still disconcerting.

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