Stretch ANY Tight Fitting Hat! Hat Jack Hat Stretcher First Impression Review + Demo! Natural Hair

HD ME!! I’m in 1080!
Hat Jack Hat Stretchers:
Sloane Felt Cowboy Hat
Clipperton Felt Hat
It’s that time of the year when we grab our beanie hats and fedoras to look cute and keep warm! But sometimes it’s hard to fit those structured fedora hats over our big natural hair! I grabbed the Hat Jack Hat Stretcher and put it to the test to see if it would help me fit my big natural hair (and head) into my hats the season!! Could this be a way to finally be able to comfortably wear ANY hat with big curly natural hair!!?! I hope you enjoy!

XoXo!! Nap

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john doe says:

dude, your hair is amazing!

Gioia Zombia says:

Thank you for sharing! Maybe I’ll be able to wear hats finally.:D

VideoShare says:

how long did you steam it?

ATSxAJxIMF says:

Should I use a medium stretcher to stretch my hat or a large stretcher?

originalathenah says:

It seems that there many of us out there! Maybe we should make a big head club :))
I couldn´t find this gadget on UK Amazon, and I cannot buy it on US Amazon, because of the customs charge for items outside EU 🙁

cynthia butler says:

I think that pink hat would have fit if you protected your hair first  or wearing your hair in a faux braid 
great video happy holiday

naughty Majz says:

Omg ur so stunning!

AyeAlexMUA says:

Fitted caps?????? I need this now!!!!!

Kaizo Mario says:

You beautiful tho and tbh same about hats

Ammina Rose says:

This was so helpful! Thanks for sharing

Maks Bielski says:

Greathe video !
Thx for help 🙂

Pink Nekogeek says:

Was starting to feel like some sort of freak with hats never fitting and my overly sized head. Nice to see I’m not alone! Big-headed sisters of the world unite! XD

originalathenah says:

LOL!! Welcome to my world girl!! My head is the same size as yours :)) And I´ve managed to find hats that fit, but also crocheted my own hats..

sunflowershine says:

*relating*  I have a giant head, too. I’m going to try to stretch my favorite sunhat. 🙂

jellymiu says:

you’re so cute haha

Jim Beam says:

I have a big head and have two really nice hats that are too small. This is a great video for all big headed people everywhere. Thanks.

Kay Ayy says:

Exactly how I feel lol, thankyou for this! X

LKN4WAR says:

Thanks for info. FYI they do make official MLB hats 7-3/4, 7-7/8 and 8″ iirc. I know you aren’t asking about ball player hats but they are easy to find for a fast sun blocking hat.

luckyducky224 says:

I NEED THIS! I have a noggin on me, too, and I can never wear hats! I’m finding this today! Thanks for sharing!

chris Allen says:

Yeah, I need to get a hat jack. I think my head is bigger than yours. Doesn’t stop me from buying hats though. Insane habit, but I do. Thanks for the tip!

Akea Brown says:

Great video! I just started my own channel if anyone wants makeup and skincare tips

Jamoky says:

I LOVE you for this +Naptural85 ….hats look soo good on me and I really like wearing them but I don’t a lot b/c of my big head + my big hair, lol….I got a hugegantic head as well….I have terrible finding hats that will fit me….I’ve taken to wearing my hubby’s fedoras but even those give me headaches from the squeeze….I’m marching over to Amazon right NOW…..time for some hat stretching, lol

tis12nv says:

Thank u. I have a big head as well

Melanie Wilson says:

thank you so much! we are big-head sisters.  I hate that hats don’t fit well for me, everyone else looks so cute in them

Bri Gibson says:

I have a huge head and I can never wear hats either!! Thank you!!

WorkIt! says:

Love your videos so much!

Cameron Jovan says:

How long did yo usteam?

Crystal B says:

I love this! Thank you!

miller lena says:

They have for shoes too my mom loves it

Annie says:

You’re so cute

usernamemykel says:

The noise you heard when you put the hat on were the hat bands stitches breaking

Next time use a tea kettle with a lot more directional steam.

PS – I think that I fell in love with you.

Sowhatemotional 116 says:

We have the same problem and I’m glad this video was made

Jacque Powell says:

Thank you SOOOO much!! I have Lupus and am supposed to always wear hats in winter and straw in summer to protect me from sun…. making my purchase today!!! Thanks again!!!!

Porschia Reynolds says:

Omg yes I have a huginormous head as well! Thank you for this vid lol

London Girl In the Usa says:

same here whitney, i have never been able to find hats to fit my big thanks for the heads up.  no pun intended

Mel O Elle says:

My tip for finding hats (beanies specifically) that fit bigger heads–shop the men’s section!

brooklyn zoo says:

The big head struggle is real for me Too!!! Thanks for this vid

Kaneisha Rae says:

What type of camera do you use ? I’ve been looking for a good one. Indecisive on what brand to buy.

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