SmartWool – The Lid Beanie Hat – Review

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Today we are reviewing the SmartWool The Lid Beanie Hat.

Retail price is around $30 but It will depend on where you look but the range average is $30.

The Colors changes season to season so I won’t be covering what is available now. I suggest that if you don’t see the color you like, look at a different site and you will likely find it.

There are multiple versions : Fabric: 95% merino wool, 5% elastic or, 55% merino wool, 40% polyester, 5% elastane
Weight: 2.2 oz.
Lining: 100% merino wool
Care: Machine wash/dry
Made in China or Taiwan, Canada

I picked up this beanie at Sierra Trading Post and I paid $10 for it. I used a coupon and so can you.

You will find a link in the description box if you are interested in these. These are on closeout and you can save a good idea of money.

As for the review, I’ve been wearing this beanie for the majority of the winter and I have nothing bad to say about it. The size for my head is perfect.

Does a great job of keeping me warm all the way down to -7F. At

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Erik22552 says:

We gotta get you to the Northern territories for some of these cold weather tests LOL. What kind of headlamp would work well with that beanie?

blipoop1 says:

I hope someday we’ll see T.O.G.R hiking gear.

motorcityman99 says:

What kind of t shirt is that you always have same brand on?

Steve LFZ says:

Have been looking for a ski mask (something to cover the nose when the wind is biting) to no avail locally. I guess the retail stores have given up on winter and think that it’s actually going to warm up (Ha!) – and I know it has to be cold and snowing in North Carolina today.

number NB says:

Nice review Luke! What colour is your beanie?

joshua12345676 says:

Looks like a fine beanie.

Timothy Ciarlette says:

Thanks for the review.

gnrmarius says:

Thanks for the Celsius-Kph values. That makes me easier to understand the product specifications. Greetings from Eastern-Europe!

Milen Bourilkov says:

Nice hat but it is already $16.95. Perhaps still a good price for it.

Brendon Wright says:

toboggan ?? isnt that a sort of sled ? 

Carlton Watkins Sr. says:

Thanks for sharing ,Luke haven’t heard from you in a while , I guess you are very busy these days. Take care, glad to see you doing well!

Alfonso Casillas says:

What size did you get xxxxxxxxxxl LOL

Msilverhammer says:




In the Navy we called these watch caps.

Thanks for the review!


William Fotey says:

How could I say no bought two hats thanks for your hard work hope this supports your channel thanks again Luke

Minions says:

You ever do a review for xgo gear?

Diddley dadburn says:

When I was in the Army in the 80’s and early 90’s, I along with the other southerners called it a toboggan.  The northerners would give us grief saying it was a beanie or skull cap.  It wasn’t long before they too were calling it a toboggan.  I guess it helped that most of the Sergeants were from the south and called it a toboggan.  Keep up the good work on the videos!!! 

Thomas Shaddox says:

What is your go-to beanie for temps above 25F? Still liking that super thin Smartwool beanie?

WisconsinEric says:

Last fall I scored two SmartWool 100% merino neck gaiters from Sierra Trading Post for $13ea.  I already owned two of the thin 1.9oz Smartwool hats I bought on sale locally 3yrs ago at $11ea, and if it is really cold I use one of my $7 USGI 100% wool “watch caps” layered over them.

The most versatile cold weather hats I own are the “Merino Possum” beanies from Ray Mears site.  They are 4x as thick as my SmartWool hats, but weigh only 2.05oz… that is lighter than the SmartWool in this video, and they are crazy warm and dry. 

New Zealand possum fur is hollow core, and is said to be the second warmest fur next to Polar Bear fur… And they are as soft as chinchilla fur!

Andrew Timms says:

Nice video and nice looking Beanie. 

Patrizia says:

Good review !!

Russel Mack says:

LOL .. beanies and other bizarre fag/lib fashion statements

Kristyanna Virgona says:

Luke, they were sold out and its $16.95 now!

David Goodridge says:

When ever it says one size fits most, well that usually leaves me out. Would like to try one before I buy, just to see if it would fit.

Darren McCall says:

Nice fit and looks toasty. Keep up the videos there great mate.

Bradley Macaulay says:

thanks for the Celsius conversions… always makes for less figuring out while watching the video for a Canadian folk and as I’ve stated before, great video quality as well!!

Hunter says:

Why does he always put the word gullible in the description?

japakehzole says:

Luke- I love T.O.G.R. I’m just getting into becoming more one with the outdoors and your channel is really inspirational and enlightening on helping me plan and prepare for my own outdoor adventures. I look forward to your future posts.

– Nick

32strike says:

Nice video but link does not work

Kanzee says:

Awesome Gear review…Thanks for that Luke the Gear Review man. Well played sir. Cheers 😉 Keep your TooNoggin Warm and Boots dry 😉 lol

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