OhBoy Brioche Hat Knitting Pattern Review

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Hey guys, it’s George here. I just want to do a quick review of the OhBoy Brioche hat from Ravelry. This is a free pattern, actually, and I was genuinely, I was very pleasantly surprised at how good of a pattern it was. The basic story was that I made my dad some really nice gloves for Christmas, and then he’s like, “Oh, can you do a matching hat?” and I’m like, “Okay.” He’s like, “Yeah, yeah, I leave on Sunday,” and I’m like, “Okay.” I was looking for something that was fairly big and fast, and this is in a lovely … It’s a worsted weight. I found that the wool was a bit scratchy, but that’s kind of irrelevant to the pattern. But it’s a nice brioche pattern, and this is how it is knitted on the right side. However, I actually prefer the reverse. That’s one of the cool things about brioche, is that you can do it in reverse as well. It’s totally reversible. It’s beautiful and soft and squidgy.

Now, pattern-wise, it’s actually a very straightforward pattern. Now, in worsted weight the gauge is a bit big. It normally has 15 rows between the colour transitions, but this section here was 15. I ended up doing this as 7, because it was starting to get really, really long, and I thought, “Hmm.” As much as my dad wanted a really long one, it was a bit too long. Anyway, the crown is interesting because it’s a simple pattern, it doesn’t really show up here because the lighting’s crap, but I’ll put an image up, of left and right brioche decreases, and then for the very final, for the very crown, it’s a four brioche decrease, which was … It’s very similar to the other ones, it’s just an additional set of yarn sort of hooking things over.

Yeah, overall, great pattern. It’s going to be really, really warm. The loft of this is very thick and juicy, so you know it’s going to be a lovely, warm hat. Yeah, popping that into the post for dad, because it missed his flight to England, but I will pop it in the post and hopefully he will have it in a couple of days, Australian Post willing, so yay. There you go. Nice pattern, I’ll put the Ravelry link below, down there, if you want to check it out. But yeah, for a free pattern I’m happy. What’s your favourite brioche hat? Do you have a brioche go-to hat? I know that Stephen West has a whole bunch of them as well, but I don’t want to be that one knitter who only knits Stephen West. I don’t want to be the kid who only read Enid Blyton. Always happy to take suggestions. Have a great one, and I’ll catch you round. See ya.

Dr George Forgan-Smith


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