Kuhl Renegade Hat Review

This Kuhl hat has been used by myself and my crew for several months and we love it minus one thing. Let me show you what this Renegade hat has going on.






Randy Bear says:

I love Kuhl gear… I have a pair of pants, shorts and a lightweight jacket.

Hats however, even though size adjustable, are not a great fit for smaller guys like myself with smaller hat sizes.  Aside from that, Kuhl makes fantastic (though pricey) quality products.

As always great stuff… keep up the good work

Egmont says:

Dang Quail! LOL

KamiyaK says:

Popped into REI today, got myself a black/grey one for $28 🙂

Tyler Murphy says:

Cut it to size and melt it with a lighter to keep it from fraying.

Coronos says:

Das ist Kuhl? (-;

Preston Gladd says:

Just cut it off, that’s what I did with mine, you will never need the excess, I cut mine off leaving only about an inch of spare nylon.

ii ili says:

“Das ist Kuhl” Haha… die meisten werden es nicht verstanden haben 😀

TheTacticalDefender says:

I have a hat from another brand with a similar tail hanging down. I’m always tucking that strap up in the hat because it touches my neck and I always feel like something landed on me. like you mentioned it never seems to stay there very long. But I love my hat! I even thought about cutting it off but I’m a bit hesitant to do so.

edward fraijo says:

Lol quail tassel lol ahaha! So I have the same I pulled it through the buckle and folded it over and other the folded end back through then tuck in in the loop….. Lol I know a lot but looks better and no quail tassel

BMacW650 says:

This little mod would take care of the problem.

Msilverhammer says:

I wear a ball cap and my head lamp all the time, without turning my hat around. Never seemed to have a problem.

Can’t see why you would have a problem?

neerpeltbelgium says:

First comment!

Choi Jae says:

Use a couple bobby pins to secure the back strap !!


All that is required to get rid of the “quail crest” is a pair of scissors and a match.

Preston G says:

Just got one from rei today and now they fixed the problem and have a keeper

tikiduck says:

Best damn hat out there, period!

albi131 says:

You can… you know… just cut it off. lol

Collin Kump says:

what state are you in

Jared Jeanotte says:

Get a nebo redline micro flashlight. It clips to the hat. And is an all around good light.

Bradley Birmingham says:

quail tassel lol!! very good reference Aaron

tallsaxon says:

I have the Kuhl Strand (I think…75% cotton/25%nylon). Warmer months its comfortable and it breathes well. When it gets cooler and wetter I give it a couple coats of greenland wax (90% paraffin/10% bee’s wax). Makes the hat a little warmer, cuts the wind better and provides some water resistance in drizzle or light rain. The brim gives good protection under a hooded jacket in heavier rain.
When the weather warms back up just wash it in warm water and hang it to dry. Most or all the wax will come out in a couple of washings.


Are you kidding? How do you keep the sun from burning your ears off?

Jesse Adams says:

+gideonstactical unless you adjust it a lot maybe put it where you want it and throw a couple stitches through the webbing piece and into somewhere near that green tag or whatever over there. Possibly even take the paracord loop part right off too. Nice hat though. I have an adidas breathable hat that is a fitted but stretchy and that’s my main hat. It breaths and dries but I’m not a fan of the hat adj hole thing so I prefer the fitted material all the way around type hat.

desade1776 says:

Don’t wear your hat backwards! (looks ghetto) Wear  a  light clip-on, on the bill!:)

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