I love transforming an outfit with accessories and one of the Summer accessories I appreciate most is a hat. Today I’m showing you how I style 5 different hats for chic sophisticated Summer outfits. What kind of video do you want to see next?

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Odalis Diaz says:


pattieg says:

Once again you hit it out of the park. I have always loved hats and totally forgot about them, thanks for the reminder. As usual, you look fabulous in all of them.

dymgra says:

Did you hear about Olaplex for hair? what do you think about?

sharon saunders says:

Love love love your last outfit! Very seventies !

Seroflorus says:

that poolside hat (white w/ black band) is a trilby. men’s hat websites coldly state that one is worthy of scorn for making such an error. we will overlook it here, of course…just don’t mark yourself as a fool by perpetuating the error. another excellently video : Justine leconte

Natalia Vaduva says:

You are amazing! I love learning from you. Could I ask you what kind of watch you wear? I love it ♥️

Paola SLPLSSINAL says:

I’d love to see the dress you’re wearing!!!

Nina Ves says:

My favourite tv/net persona 🙂 It’s always such a pleasure to watch your videos 🙂

U784485 says:

I adore your earrings! Please let me know where I can find it. Thank you in advance 🙂

Deb Marrett says:

Love hats! I’ve collected several antique hats over the years. My favorites are my Grandma’s. I would love to see hats make a big comeback! I wear them a lot in the winter but have few summer hats. You’ve provided much inspiration…especially the hat with no brim in the back. I need to find one of those!!

Barbara Munn says:

Hi Dominique, Love the video has always. Could you please tell me what lipstick your are wearing? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do these videos. God Bless you and your family. ~Barbara~

Monica Rodriguez says:


You are such a DIVA!! Love your videos! I agree with some of the other comments, you would look great in anything you wear.

Liane Wobito says:

I love hats and have several. My question , would you keep your hat on during dinner? At an open restaurant at the beach, I can see that, but what about a normal restaurant without outdoor seating?


Just because you mentioned, that you are not looking to make us break the bank I subscribed.

Irene Ramirez says:

Is it possible to please continue to add subtitles on your videos? I’d really appreciate it! Thank you!

Kat James says:

Doppleganger for the former Countess, LuAnn from RHONY.

kaelws48 says:

I see it has been asked a couple of times but I don’t see a response. Where did the striped blue and white outfit come from?

Mary Lucy says:

I agree!!! Bring it back! I have a collection of hats, vintage and new ones!

Hawaii says:

What type and style of eyelash strips do you wear? They look gorgeous as always!!

Lina Monreale says:

I love hats!!!!! Grazie Mille

Annie S says:

your gorgeousness, style and energy are an inspiration!! loved the hats! i love wearing hats but suffer from ‘hat hair’ at the end of the day, any suggestions about that?

Jean Knepper says:

Never thought much about a hat,now I will, thank you!

Angie Wilson says:

love this video! love my hats and these tips are awesome!! classy, thanks!

Sophia Knightly says:

I am a huge fan of hats and the ones you chose are fabulous! Loved all the styling too. All the hats suit your varied looks. Just beautiful! xo, Sophia

Christine Kramer says:

Love the hats! I go to an upscale 2nd hand store and buy a hat or two! But another tip is to pin a sparkly brooch on the hat ribbon for extra pizazz!! Thank you for your great tips!

MJHinCA says:

Its almost summer again and I came back to get inspiration from your wonderful style tips. I was wondering how do you store your beautiful hats? I have recently purchased two wide brim hats and they either fall off the top of the closet shelf or when I hang them become targets for dust. I haven’t a clue how to keep them looking pretty till spring and summer. Thank you for your videos and for being a positive beautiful inspirational energy in the world

Liska Lulu says:

Love this video! Hats off to you!

Bonnie Sierras says:

Thanks Dominique!! I accidentally came across your site and now I am hooked with all your tutorial! I am a lover of HATS and now I have great reason to pull out my hats and wear boldly!

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