How To Crochet A Hat: Mock Cable Hat

Introducing the Mock Cable Hat for women. It’s a really neat concept as it’s uses the Jacobs Ladder Concept for the brim. There is two Jacobs Ladders that slink around the outside of the brim. For me, just making that element makes me giggle with excitement.

The buttons are for decorative reasons but act as a hiding spot for where the jacobs ladder starts and finishes. So it’s an element of necessity but hidden by decorative buttons.

Get the free pattern at


Jane Wolfe says:

did you forget the pattern link

Cindy Guoan says:

Oh my. I started over at least 8 times and had to really force myself to continue. Finished. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing.

Alonna Star says:

hey i was wondering if you would ever do a tutorial on how to make a hood. like for a hoodie.

Catherine Chuter says:

great pattern. I left off the top of the had to create a head band to keep my ears warm when out the my dog x love from the UK x

Samantha Christensen says:

Is there a matching scarf for this hat?

Mary Acosta says:

I love this pattern. What is the nulber of the yarn that you are using?

Virginia angelica Jiménez chavez says:

muchas gracias, me quedo preciosa.

Luma Ebhaya says:

waw amazing

Bridgida Flores says:

beatifull thank you mickey!

Regina Darlin says:

I love your tutorials and love the way you encourage improvising at times, because I’m definitely not a perfect crocheter and make mistakes often lol. Nothing that ruins the project but sometimes it throws off counts. I’m glad you are ok with fixing as you go instead of tearing it all out, as I’ve actually had some crocheters tell me to do. Thanks for being awesome, funny, and most of all realistic to the life of crochet

Shirley Willems says:

Hi Mikey, Shirley from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I just finished this hat. I made it with A touch of Alpaca, color is purple aster, it came out perfect. Thx again for another wonderful tutorial.

Joan Erhard says:

like your sessions inchrotching thanks,you are one of the best.

Aidee Camus says:

It’s a beautiful hat, I always wanted to learn to do this.
Thanks for your patience and the way you explain everything thing.

Tamara Richard says:

Love this hat..going to give it a try…☺️

Ahlam M says:

I do not know the English language I hope you had to work a thread Light, I’ve been following your steps .. your work is very beautiful thank you

LibbyLove says:

how many chains must I use if I’m using 4 ply worsted weight yarn

Mary Lavelle says:

Loved the tutorial, so easy to understand. Looking forward to seeing lots more. Thank you

sawsan sayed says:

l made one with your help thanks a lot i like it very much

Jane Wolfe says:

did you forget the pattern link?

nina nguyen says:

Woow! I love it! Thank for your sharing a lot !

Jane Wolfe says:

mikey always saves me for gift ideas for christmas

mf lanese says:

SLOW DOWN! Like your tutorials, but sheesh–we don’t all crochet as fast as you. Please!

BlueBird says:

“In order to play today” <3 it!

Lisa Strahan says:

Hi Mikey! Our Michael’s doesn’t carry the Bernat Dazzle yarn. What would you recommend as a replacement? I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks!

Summer Bryant says:

Trying to pull up the patterns on your website and it gives me an error for every pattern that says something about “error database”

Lambertis Pedro says:

Thank you! Mission accomplished!

lisa1967 says:

Thinking this would be great for my sister-in-law who is going through chemo for breast cancer. If it turns out I might make extra. Thanks to Mikey, I believe I can do it.

MrsCondee says:

What a great video Mikey! I would never have been able to understand the written instructions without the video but now, I can hardly wait to try this! I don’t think I have any yarn on hand that would be big enough, though…so now, I just have to wait until the roads are clear and I can go buy some yarn. Thank you!

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