Hat & Headpiece Collection

HAPPY HAT-OWEEN! I spent many hours filming and editing this just to make that pun. If you don’t like awkward posing you may not enjoy this video – but if you like pretty hats you’ll be in heaven!

I wanted to share relevant links for each piece, but that made the description box WAY too cluttered. For additional information and relevant links about every piece please check out this tumblr post:


As said in the video, all [except for the straw hat] pieces in this video were drafted and made entirely by me! I mostly use heavy weight interfacing and wire, with buckram for thinner brims. I generally aim to achieve historically accurate shapes, though the materials I choose and construction methods aren’t always as accurate!

I’m self taught when it comes to making hats – it’s just something I figured out over time. I WILL make a tutorial eventually, hopefully within the next few months but it kind of depends!

Re: Combs. I use plastic combs to secure most of my hats since I don’t get along well with hat pins – I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong, but they always seem useless to me! The combs are usually pinned in so I can remove them and secure them in a more historically accurate way later on (if I ever figure out how).

If you see any mysterious safety pins in the brim they are for storage (so I can hang the hats on hooks) I missed a few and only noticed when editing ;_;

MOST of the dates on title plates were taken from the book “Women’s Hats, Headdresses, and Hairstyles” – they are approximate.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work or contacting me, I’ll leave links to my various sites below!

Tumblr: http://doxiequeen1.tumblr.com/
FAQ: http://doxiequeen1.tumblr.com/FAQ
Blog: https://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angelacostumery
Portfolio: http://angelaclayton.crevado.com/
Email: AngelaCostumery@gmail.com [serious inquires only please!]

Music is property of http://audionautix.com/, it does not belong to me!


AroundTheYear says:

They’re gorgeous. Where do you get the interfacing for the hats? (Having trouble finding the right one for some time).

Lapis Lazuli says:

it can be a first class passenger costume

terry leclair says:

Love your creations. Wonderful work.
What is wired interfacing? Do you put the wire in yourself? I have made many headpieces myself.

Unicorns*eat*my* husband says:

you are so talented, I can’t wait to see what else you can create, and I hope that in the future to maybe see your take on some historical celtic clothing if that is something you may be intersted in. Either way I love your art.

heyladybuggg says:

I am so jealous of your collection it is just beautiful! I am just getting into making costumes and hats just make the whole outfit come together. Your descriptions and details should help me figure out how to make the hats that I would like. Thank you so much for all your help. May I contact you to ask for a little help if that is ok with you? I adore all your video’s and can’t wait for more. Have a great day!

C_ says:

make tutorial!!!please!!! so so so cute

Jenna Heleen says:

What type and/or gauge of wire do you use? I recently made a hat in which I whipstitched flower/gardening wire onto the brim to add stiffness as it was thicker than the other wires I had on hand. It does the job decently enough (especially for my first time making a hat) but isn’t fantastic at holding shape and I’d love to know what you’d recommend.

Lapis Lazuli says:

have you ever tried to make a costume based in the early 1900s particularly the time of the Titanic so you can match your lilly pad hat with huge flowers and feather

clare5 one says:

You should be working in the movie industry. Seriously.

Kawaii Kesshō says:

do a bonnet tutorial plz. I’m a costume youtuber too and i have a few lolita videos and I’d love to see a bonnet

Rosa Stevens says:

I love the Grecian hat

Cheney Denoy says:

You are honestly so talented I mean this is just soo amazing!!

J Chiriboga says:

Beautiful. So much fun to watch!

Delano Carson says:

I would kill for a hat like that country straw bergere hat.

Stanzapro83 says:

Hello dear Angela. JUST LOVE the evening cap! Are you making hats on order? I just need that beautiful evening cap to my wedingdress! Gonna get married in an 1880 century purple tournure dress. Hope to her from you. Greeting Malou Denmark

noodleman says:

a modern milliner

Commentate Her Variety Hour says:

I’m panting after the horned hat! All the hats!

7thWardCreole says:

The exaggerated asymmetric silhouette of the second bonnet reappeared in the 1940s

J Girl says:

oh wow, those are incredible. is that your natural hair btw? absolutely talented and gorgeous

TheLaydewlf says:

you are such a talented young lady. i started sewing at an early age as well. my grandmother taught me, then i took additional classes in school. i wish i could costume like you. when my daughter was young, i made her big frilly dresses, but she’s almost 28 and they wouldn’t look so cute on her now. i don’t sew much anymore, but i am enthralled with your channel and have been watching it and reading your blog all evening.

Snakenumber9 says:

i am never a hat person, but these are beautiful! you are so talented!!

Lia S says:

I’d love to see you make a russian kokoshnik. The more elaborate the more beautiful!

coyfish227 says:

You could probably make good money as a costume designer for a show or movie.

Devonaire Owl light says:

based on the Grecian headpiece if you did a pink dress from the middle ages and the headpiece gold then you could do aurora from sleeping beauty

Bekki UndSo says:

How can anyone not instantly fall in love with you after seeing something like this, I don’t understand

Monkoora says:

where did you buy that lacefront?

coyfish227 says:

What a talent such fine craftmenship.

Whemsical says:

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible work and for giving a perfect amount of detail for each! <3 I think it's so awesome that most of your inspirations were paintings, glad someone's taking it upon themselves to recreate gorgeous vintage hats that aren't sold anywhere:)

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