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Australian Barmah hat full review. I always wanted one of these.


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All filmed on a Canon G7X & GoPro 4 Black


Ben Larsen says:

I’ve had a Barmah bag hat for 18 years! Even when the brim broke a few years back, I just sent it to Barmah and four days later it showed up like brand new. Good company, best hat ever!

Scott Baldwin says:

What technique did you use to waterproof this hat?  Thanks for sharing your experience.

J.A.H. van de Laak says:

pull the cord through the sweat holes, in such a way you get the Canadian mountain police strap type, creating a strap for the chin AND around the back of the head.

padraic crehan says:

Thanks to you i bought this hat its the 1018 dark brown, its so light i for get its on my head sometimes,

A must have here in ireland with the weather we get so cheers buddy for the review.

Chris von Detten says:

Excellent review and I can agree that the Barmah hat is an excellent hat. Just curious though, you and I, i think have the exact same hat. What size is yours? I got fitted at the shop as well. The XXL was a Little too large so I’m wearing an XL. How does yours fit? An inch above the eye brows (as the all mighty Internet states) or does yours fit differently? Reason is I’ve not used mine for a while but now I’m in Thailand and it seems a little tighter than when I bought it.
Anyway great vid and looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!

Lakotah Uffelman says:

I own a leather outback and two oil skin outback hats they are great hats for go out in the woods for a long trek

Count Raven says:

is there any chance to flatten the brims a little bit coz I’m not really crazy about that upward tilt on sides?

lukas rohulan says:

i hope the socks and pants were clean

Peligroso Jihadista says:

You’re the best wearing the aussie hat
Regards from a Barmah fan in Spain!

braddah_lakai says:

Very nice hat…thanks for the review. I look forward on purchasing one myself. Thanks again, cheers!


Great video! i am going to choose one of these for sure!

Woffbjeff says:

Did it shrink a lot? Looking at buying one but i’m kinda stumped on size.. i usually use a XL and my head is about 61-62cm depending on how loose the band is. The XXL is 62.5

Axiomaticness says:

Good review, but could have been half as long

Shepard says:

Is the inside rough? Can you waterproof the inside for sweat?

Lokin Casturi says:

I’ve had the calf-leather squashy bronco for about four years now. Taken it through all of the elements you can imagine with exception of the arctic areas. I just rub some mink oil into it when it starts to get dry. Over the years, the side of the hat started folding up; it might provide a little bit less cover from the sides, but it honestly looks great.

PS Videographer says:

Hi Jack, congratulation for your Youtube channel and thanks for your help. l would like to buy a Barmah hat, becouse i work often under the rain. I would try to understand what is best watwerproof for work long hour and day under the rain. Please ..Do you can suggest me the best model if you know it… Thanks Pasquale.

braddah_lakai says:

hey man, so i’m fairly set on a “foldaway bronco”, but out of curiosity, is it true to size?…
thanks again.

Jim Urban says:

Hi Jack I would like to know the model number of this hat in this review. I would love to get this model.

parv x says:

To Expedition Jack or leather hat wearing folk,

How does your leather hat perform in terms of sweat evaporation, compared to, say, nylon (Tilley LTM5) or cotton (Outdoor Reaserch Transit Sun) hats with mesh?

RandomTask2008 says:

It looks good on you. Yea, don’t pull the hat band out and wear it like that, the store guy was just playing with you.

Self Explanatory says:

I really enjoyed your review, well done.

AUQUA123 says:

I think these are the best looking hats. But I need a cihn strap.


Purchased mine and it is on it’s way! Thanks again!

J.A.H. van de Laak says:

I’ve got the same one, kangaroo leather is so supplement yet tough.

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