Winter British Clothes Haul, Moss Bros Overcoat, London Jacket, Lock & Co Cap, Spectre Gloves

Today I share a haul of recently acquired British styled sartorial upgrades, including a very classic winter over coat, a new “urban” themed sports jacket, super soft herringbone scarf and special leather gloves James Bond himself would be proud of…

Moss Bros London Slim Fit Red Jacket

Moss Bros Harringbone Slim Fit Blue Winter Overcoat

Moss Bros Petrol Blue Herringbone Scarf

Spectre Combat Security Anti Slash/Flame Resistant Leather Gloves

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Gorgeous George says:

Locke and Co Hatters us still there . It is actually the world’s oldest hat shop . I have a wool tremelo , which is an oversized traditional 8 panelled Bakers Boy.

I can’t stand open neck overcoats , always go for a double breasted that be left open or done up into a funnel with collar .

Daks is a great brand , Moss Bros pretty low end now .

kg6qzx says:

So awesome that you have a classic piece from your GrandPa, my father recently gave my my Grandfather’s Purple Heart from WWII and it is wonderful to honor your heritage. Great Review, I like Ted Baker stuff and I haven’t seen Moss Bros before…I’m going to have a look. I’m a middle aged professional, but I like traditional clothing w a modern edge. Thanks so much for a professional review. Great Job my friend!

Edmund McMuffin says:

I don’t even know what it is… But i just love your personality, there’s something in it that just makes me love your videos.
I really hope we meet one day,

Sebald 17 says:

The blue overcoat is particularly beautiful! Great choices, in general!

john sullivan says:

what do you think of dubarry boots. they really round a gent off. i know a lot of guys feel a bit self conscious about braving them. ive got two pairsand wear them reg. i see guys tucking their trousers into their ankle boots and think what. ok best regaurds

gardehusar24 says:

you go totally Christopher Walken on the accent alot in this video

Bas Network says:

Going to buy those gloves, they look amazing!


shadowravyn2011 says:

The outer coat is of a driving coat length rather than an overcoat… beautiful outerwear!

T. Bunker says:

Nice duds. Unfortunately were I live the only prestige outerwear is from Carharts and classic footwear is Frye boots and wellies. “Designer jeans” means you bought them from Cabela’s…

Jade Schafer says:

Very nice and beautiful clothes, The Kingsmen is odd but good haha. All the best, JAS

Adrian Apostolov says:

Great suggestions.I also love wearing leather gloves in the winter season.The overcoat looks really stylish too.

HHCS says:

Urban Gentry, you are one classy bastard!

Gorgeous George says:

Great cap though chap

Aitor Navarro says:

Urban Gentry are you part Italian?

Timepiece Enthusiasm says:

Great video and good style!

Malibu Thompson says:

whats your take on burberry trench coats

IronArmor says:

Altought i love your watch videos, i can’t stand your style picks. Even tought the items in themselves are pretty ok, the fit, espcially for the jacket is awful. Get it more tailored.

Have a nice day.

mah6922 says:

How thick is the overcoat? I’m comtemplating getting the same, I really like the color and the cut.

P. Hamilton says:

As I’m watching this…it’s currently 92 degrees outside… perhaps a video about iced drinks would be a better option for me….

21st Century Caveman says:

To be fair, you’ve managed to pick up some nice garments at a bargain price and you look very well presented to the average punter. All credit to you my friend. However, someone with true class and individuality would settle for nothing less than tailor made garments which fit them perfectly and are made to their very own specification in terms of design, materials, etc. To be truly unique and to set yourself out from the crowd you need to get your own clothes made for you.

iPlay4K aka iPlay8K - 4K,8K gameplay,benchmarks says:

Speedmaster is a dressy watch. I mean in some point. It is not sports watch anyways.

InoxEdge says:

Nice overcoat Sir!

Aghiles Mahdi says:

I loved your video I have just subscribed !!

TheMightyWill says:

You should do more videos like this, it’s a nice change!

ABUTARI70 says:

I love you r UK posts, makes me miss home. I like the way you look for affordability in many of your choices. Good job mate!!

Matthew Nguyen says:

Just an inquiry. Are Moss Bros products made in the United Kingdom?

John Price says:

Looking quite the bobby dazzler there TGV!   The glove review is timely as my pair (similar looking but not as nicely made) are starting to get a bit thread bare.   Love your grandfather’s cap – that’s a true keepsake and amazing to think of its age.   When we were in Firenze a few years back I bought a flat cap that was made there   Funny thing, it looks quintessentially British – its a dark green corduroy.   Nicely made but I’ve no illusions that it’ll last years and years like your granddad’s.   Keep these sorts of videos coming, nice mix up from the watch reviews (of course, I love those too).        Cheers mate,      John

stevo728822 says:


Wellpinit says:

I noticed that your Moss Bros jacket is a size 38s in a slim fit. I am wondering whether Moss Bros is true to size.

whippetz000 says:

You spend a lot of time working on your outer self. I just hope you have enough time to transcend the ephemeral and focus on your spiritual inner self.

shie6523 says:

Liking that Moss overcoat – may just add it to my Christmas list 🙂
Great video as always TGV

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