Practical Surplus, Episode 3: Swiss Wool Winter Cap

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Javier Hiraldo says:

Could you do more ballistics test

Mario Gonzalez says:

Do you carry M43 feldmutze caps in your store? If so, could you do a review of it please. Thank you.

Joseph Stalin says:

where should the measurement be taken for the sizes on your website

Cole Fox says:

Love the new series Mike, when I saw the original video you made about useful surplus with the Yugo Mauser pouches, I was hoping you would do more in the future. Keep up the great content!

MRCL8215 says:

– Be a Sergeant in the Swiss Military
– Be ordered to serve during the World Economic Forum
– Have 12 hour shifts outside at -20 degrees Celsius
– Know that your company has ordered these caps
– Be forbidden to wear them because a Colonel said they look stupid
– Watch said Colonel never leave his heated car for more than five Minutes

Bob Sacamano says:

Great hat. I keep one in my Jeep when it gets chili.

drawing with Alex says:

That’s really cool

Allen Kneale says:

I agree about the color. It’s sort of like the old German gray field color (forgive me I forget the name), just subtle and rather cool. Swiss Army gear is first rate stuff even for use today.

champimuros says:

Practical surplus… what a redundancy!

Sedan57Chevy says:

I had one of these several years ago, and it was fantastic in the cold months. I’d recommend these to anyone looking for some really nice, durable, warm headwear.

Cory Clawson says:

Sweet I just ordered one

Tommy TwoGun says:

Set up the camera on a tripod and demonstrate this cool stuff for us

Allan Watson says:

I love surplus especially swiss, always great quality.

Chu McCurry says:

I have picked 2 of this kind when I can , it’s perfect in winter time. I use French winter cap in raining days.

Joe Flo says:

Hurrah we can comment!

Madden Anderson says:

Hey I was just wondering if you had an unpainted pickelhaube

Francis Berba says:

Looks like a ushanka or a trapper hat

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