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During the chilly months I wear a skull cap under my vented helmet. It keeps my head and my ears warm.

During the cold winter months I wear an entirely different helmet with less vents and integrated ear covers.

Youtube has now unlocked End Screens for all users, so expect to see more of those during the ending sequences of my videos.

Note: The weather was unusually not chilly today so I didn’t need my skull cap.

Note: 12:11 100 MPH!

Link – Halo Anti Freeze Skull Cap

Video – Bern Watts Helmet Product Review Commute Bike Blogger

Video – BikeBlogger Cycling Clip Show Outro Compilation

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speed bird says:

These videos are fun , bike blogger I got a request u should give us an update of all your bikes

fabrizio olmeda says:

ilima idea

Tye Cook says:

I commute as much as possible, even in rain as I live in van bc where rain is simply part of life. my daily work ride is about 40 mins each way,or 12k, but I swear the blogger could knock it off in half that time just because he’s a riding machine. this dude seriously inspires me to ride more and harder too, I may never achieve that level of urban cycling, but im sure as hell gonna try…why not eh?…

D says:

have you ever been on a motor cycle before?

Whitetribe says:

You need them hats for our summer time here in England.

T Stamps says:

Man as soon as you brought this up I bought one cuz as you can see I’m bald and needed this. Amazon has it here: If you have Amzn Prime can get it shipped same day.

Kixeler says:


Digby O'Dell says:

Halo to you too! I have a skull cap also; just for the skull though, doesn’t cover my ears. Most of the time I just wear a cycling cap under the helmet which has the additional effects of sun shade and sweat wick and keeps the rain out of the eyes. It can get really cold though after it’s soaked with sweat and I stop for any amount of time.

José says:

What video editing software do you use, BikeBlogger?

Carlos_zo says:

May look into buying one of those caps

Bertie Wooster says:

Also thanks for waving to the other cyclists, if its like here in the UK only half will wave back, but we are the gentlemen of the roads, so we will keep trying, wont we old chap.

Steve Wiggins says:

I love riding. I wish I had your commitment. You are cool, sir. I’m a fan.

Paul Vasquez says:

@bikeblogger Can you tell us what bike you’re riding on the videos? I can’t tell when you’re on the Motobecane or the Wabi

Plez says:

Hey bikeblogger thanks for the video, i was just wondering if you have a video about your recording setup? not sure what to search

james kanders says:

I use skull caps in winter/wet weather. I use to use a helmet cover but found that it got way to hot except on the coldest of days. They work great for rain as well.

metersfan says:

The most cost-effective bike-related purchase I’ve ever made was a $15 to $20 balaclava from REI. It keeps my ears warm (and my face too, if I want), but is thin enough to not be hot.

Scott Nelson says:

SUV at 8:10 just could not wait could they? Looked close to you as well!

Ephraim Gadsby Jr. says:

I’m glad you don’t have ads!

Daniel Fajardo says:

Would it be safer to ride in the dark or with the sun in your face?

MrDesoto1 says:

I have a couple Halo sweat bands, which I really like for hotter weather. I also have a couple Walz wool caps for cold weather, and one has ear flaps. Those are a little pricey, but they work for me here in The MidSouth weather.

Bertie Wooster says:

I wish I had your legs to go so fast! mind you I am twice your age? your right about it being an adventure, every ride is a adventure, so you keep spinning and exploring, and thanks for the vids.

Денис Александрович says:

it’s seems to be warm outside now. How much degree?

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