How to Wear Original BUFF® Headwear

This video will show you how to wear Original BUFF® Headwear
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Stay cool in the summer & warm in the winter. BUFF® seamless, multi-functional headgear is simply the most versatile and effective article of technical clothing you’ll ever own.

Simply the most versatile and effective article of technical clothing you’ll ever own. Original BUFF® headwear keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Made from seamless 100% microfiber, the breathable fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly too. No matter how you wear it, BUFF® headwear is THE must-pack accessory of the outdoors.

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Little strawberry says:

Its a thneed from the lorax

Strykery TO says:

for me,the 3 and 6 are the most utilites from me

Daniel Bluecat says:

I just want to know how to the the wristband

God Damnit says:

I just buy a t-shirt, and tear off the sleeves.
Now I have two of these things…..

Simon Cowell says:

This is a YES from ME!

YouKnowWhy says:

How much do they cost in US?

Gun130883 says:

I really like the girl model. So sexy.

Ram Kartha says:

Got the Buff designed for Royal Enfield. Looks & feels really nice. Will post feedback after having tried it …

blessy joy Larida says:

nice video

Gucci Girl and Grumpy says:

Just ordered two. One for my wife and I. They will be with us in two weeks on a 5 day backpacking trip

Jay From the Woods says:

Proud owner of two buffs, one with Quebec flags, the other forest camo, great product!

Mystaerious YouTube says:

What is the very last one called

NeroGamerBR™ says:


Neils Dahlberg says:

I like to sleep in the buff,,,,

Ajax Georgandas says:

I wear mine as a face mask and I have to say it’s the best! Feels and looks awesome, wraps tightly around the face keeping mouth and nose warm. When it’s a little more windy I pull it up to my ears. Makes it a little harder to talk, but it’s worth it. Recommend getting one 100%!

krista harper says:

Im HOOKED on the tune playing in the background. Is it found on itunes?

punjabiexplorer says:

I quite like the girl !! buff ..meh….

Anna L says:

Do you mind tell me what’s these two color of buff? I cannot find them on your website. Thanks.

Sabri says:

stick cricket music

Disturbed Knucklehead says:

My head’s too big for this shit

nameknoB says:

Came here for instructions… Fell in love with a girl 🙂 She’s gorgeous!

Craig Foulds says:

survivor made you guys famous.

Gene Code says:

Sell it to terrorist they’d love this

Danny says:

My condom can do the same

Superman says:

Are hoo-rags the same?

Sevinc Eliyeva says:

sa company is buff ?

Topspeed350 says:

She is fine.

Mark Stevenson says:

I like how two of them are the same thing but with or without long hair

Marshall Customs says:

Nice, also I’m going to try a Shemagh in the winter months.

Sky RabiTzZ says:

Akoeh cogans

JMC says:

great demo

onthebeaches1 says:

Very cool. I use a muffler around my next but it’s smaller and not made of the same material. The BUFF seems very versatile. BTW…couldn’t you have chosen a better looking female model. She was SOOOO hard to look at. Where can I get a copy?! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!

Arvind Reddy says:


Murat Can says:

Great tutorial and great product, thanks! I have the one with world-map kind of thing on it; “Itinerary”, pretty cool one 🙂

Arda Gökkaya says:

The most useful stuff in life and it makes someone who wears it cool. it doesn’t matter whether he/she is beautiful/handsome or not

Mark Jhayzone31 says:

thank you

Sky Forthwind says:

I was like, noooo, at first. You got me at the twist and fold piece where it becomes a hat.

รักนะจุ๊บๆ says:

wow like

Jessica O'Sullivan says:

I love these. I just counted and I’ve got 27 of them. I plan on getting loads more too. They’re great for keeping my hair out of my face and they come in so many cool patterns. I love that they’re made in Spain too because I never buy anything made outside of Europe, North America, Australasia, or Japan unless it’s fair trade (in which case I always research to find out how fair trade it actually is).

Technical Funn says:

#so_cool_i_like it

krista harper says:

The main song is amazing.

Kiran M says:

this gal has got such beautiful smile .. heaven … I watched her this video for long time ..
killer smile ..

Colt's Northwest Outdoors says:

A hoo rag junky was here

Darth Masher says:

you should get uglyer models, because I saw nothing. that girl is too cute.

Jay Lofa says:

This is in my recommended because….???

Shafique Mokbul says:


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