How to Pick Your Perfect Flatcap

Featuring the Duckbill, Halo, Gatsby & Ivy flatcap.
Our expert hatter, Nathaniel takes you through the different types of flatcaps and their fits through this video guide.

We hope this helps ease your fears in trying out new hat shapes.

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totallyfrozen says:

VERY well made video! Love it! I learned a lot. I love hats and own several but I’m still learning. Seems there’s always more to learn. Thanks again for the great video.

Alphabet Cereal says:

im going to have to pick up that Liam hat because its my name and it soooo nice

santamanone says:

Actually the main strength of the hat (in North America) is that YES! it is a working man’s hat from the early 20th century.

sharat vallurupalli says:

I love how all the pictures are of female models.

theBUBBAMANcan says:

Great info! Thanks!

nimarama72 says:

Lovely Hats..

TotallyToonsTV says:

Living in England, in the Yorkshire countryside, all of these are pretty much our native hats. Everyone outside Yorkshire calls us farmers if we’re caught wearing one….pffft what do they know.

Lee Sargent says:

Great video , thank you for the information.

thelastdisciple says:

I think my ivy cap is a hard eye. It has for 4 panels at the back and right angles at the side from where the line curves around the stitched brim and joins up with the back panels. It’s 50% wool and 50% polyester and black in color. Perfect size and shape for me, fell in love with it haha

The Absolute Madman says:

I’ve been told that these are called jeff caps. That’s what I’ve always called them. I can’t wear them ’cause I think I look like a paperboy.

Lee Sargent says:

Great video , thank you for the information.

Rosie Dobson says:

Can girls where flat caps?

priestof1 says:

these hats are great. Wore baseball cap most of my life found a ivy cap i guess its what its called? On a windy day about 15 to 20mph the hat stuck on my head, i couldn’t believe it. Reminds me of old time irish gangsters and a girl i dated said reminds her of grand dad but eh…. nice hats.

Tim Karlsson says:

In sweden the flat cap is now DAYS known as a farmers cap.

Ungruma says:

Thank you!

Ramon Key says:

Very nice

Kanit Nutong C.D.M. says:

Thank you.

Jordan Tey says:

I don’t see Liam Halo Ivy in your stores anymore, why is that?

mario benny says:

what the hell is wrong with the link in the description ??? some virus bullshit going on here

Victory Liew says:

All the caps are nice but the low profile Ivy is super! The flap down feature is really practical in protecting the ears in colder days. Where can I get one?

Tooth Paste says:

Your beard is nuts!

Aldo More says:

Thank you for the valuable information about the flathats.

1cleandude says:

Great video, caps, models, photos, narration and even the music; Great job people!!

Paul Edward Baca says:

What’s your website

Sergio Gonzalez says:

What model is what Al Pacino’s used for his Sicilian outfit ?? Help

Jan says:

Dude, your website is dead….

Tuukka Rissanen says:

dat hair style doh

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