This is my review and demo of the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap. I love this cap to deep condition while being able to move around. It’s very durable and it has lasted a long time.

I bought mine here:


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tkaishmael says:

I think the design is suppose to be on the outside but maybe it’s just reversible. Also, the instructions you gave for heating it up are not the right instructions. It’s 3-45 sec intervals, to start. Flipping & shaking it after each. Then, if you feel it needs more time, you keep doing it for 20 sec intervals, flipping after each, for a total combined max time of 3 minutes.

A.F. says:

Is there an alternative way you can hear this cap up, or is it just using a microwave??

Monique Smith says:

It’s pretty and has good quality but I feel like it isn’t consistent. It heats my hair for about five minutes and then i have to heat it up again or just wash my hair out. Thanks for sharing though….

Monnie Love says:

Hello pray your blessed on today. Have a question? How often do you deep condition your hair and how often do you use the heat cap pictured.

Soul & Jay says:

Can you use this cap for flexi rods

Hilda HEW says:

Thank you very much

Ghlonghair says:

Wooow, it lasts that long! Good one there!

guest guest says:

Does this send radiation thru your scalp? What are the risks of this?

NaturalMe4C says:

Your coils are soo cute!!! 😀 You’re soo awesome! Great review!!

MyDearRonke says:

I want this. Thanks for sharing

Black and Natural in Jerusalem says:

Sweetheart. Makeup tutorial, please!!!! And this cap sounds great! I actually use my rice-filled heating pad in this same way with a hat on top. This would save me the difficulty of figuring out how to keep that thing on my head. The struggle is real! LOL!

Bianca luxe says:

Yikes what about the radiation

Mocha Love says:

Great Review!!! I just ordered a knock off from ebay.

TinaTexturedTWA says:

Is that an engagement ring?! If so….Congrats. Happy for you. Been a subscriber for some time.

Jeanette Nurse says:

Great review!!Do they have it on Amazon as well??

mairinify says:

I like your reviews just so straight forward and not too long

trevinia turner says:

is 20 mins. long enough to deep condition

Jumoke says:

“I remembered that I have things to do” lmaoo

MrsPrissy says:

Why did you choose to wear the terry cloth on the outside versus it been worn inside? Did it heat better that way??

Naturally:)Shani says:

What lipstick do you have on ?

Marticia Banes says:

Great video and extremely informative. My husband and I would like to move from America to Ghana. Do you have any advice on how to find employment? I am in Human Resources and he is an Electronics Technician. Also, how is the healthcare there as I’m trying to get pregnant and will probably have the baby in Ghana. Thank you so much!

Toksa Pro says:

How did I get here I was watching Marshmallow

Maggie Magnoli says:

New space update maybe? 🙂 Lighting has been consistently amazing the past few videos 🙂  xo

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