Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap Review + Deep Conditioning Demo – 4C Natural Hair

Hey! In this video, I’m sharing my review for the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap from Thermal Hair Care! I hope this helps!
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simone greaves says:

I don’t have the shower cap can I just use a bag then put the hot head on top ???

Red seouls says:

Great review! I’m giving this some serious thought!

Sbillips1203 says:

MADNESS!!! They are sold out of the Thermal Caps!!! What am I going to do????? Hopefully they will have more on sale soon because, I really wanted to try one for my next wash day!!! 🙁

MsRarebreed xo says:

Idk if the promo code u provided in the description box is still valid, if it isn’t can you provide a newer code plz?

Jannah Browne says:

You hair looks just like mine *_* #subscribe  

Lynette Patrice says:

Yes, its 2:30 in the a.m., can’t sleep, but at least I am taking in some good information. I was just talking to my older sister about different types of devices to use to deep condition your hair with (cordless preferred), great timing!!!! Will definitely check out and order her one too……thanks as always Kriss…..okay time to go to zzzzzzz!!!!!!

NaturalMe4C says:

+undergroundparablist  You are too sweet!!!  Your message really means alot to me, thank you!! 😀  I hope you enjoy your evening!

ImTotallySummer says:

You have a great attitude, really like how you present yourself and demeanor. I feel like it’s the real too, and not fake or too much like some people on YouTube or television

CurlyFro says:

The way her voice fluctuates reminds me of Beyonce 

What The Kink says:

I had purchased one of these but had not used it yet due to being in braids. Great and timely video!

The Kendra Chronicles says:

hello beauty!! :)))) would you recommend this over the laila ali soft bonnet dryer?? What’s you preference between the two?? I am in need of a better heat source than the usual bag over my head under a scarf.

Pan Mantequilla says:

Ughh I can’t stand how gorgeous you are! Especially your skin!! I’m definitely getting this soon.

Lacy Patron says:

i looked at this website two days  ago. put the same exact one you have in my cart and exited. i do this to reflect lol. seeing your review today def made me take the plunge. coupon code made it better. thanks 🙂 

Sbillips1203 says:


quenquen says:

Thanks for the reviews! I love your reviews…you are very thorough:) more companies should contact you

Jacqueline Robinson says:

I have had my cap for about six months, and I love it! The thing I think I like the most is that unlike the ThermalCare cap, there are no gel packs to remove and re-insert, and the shower cap shape fits the head better.

La Perle des Antilles! says:

Such a thorough and informative video! Thanks Chris! Love you!

Customized Crochet says:
Cup Cake says:

I just got one of these this week and I like it. It has a nice snug fit and since there is no cord you don’t have to be stationary. You can put this on and eat, take a quick bath, shower or whatever. The instructions that came with mine says to heat in intervals of 30-45 secs, flip inside out and shake the heat source, but I think next time I’m going to do like you, a minute on each side. BTW I think they changed the pattern of these because mine does not have a flower shape. Its just several pockets with the flaxseed in it. I’ve tried others that I just didn’t care for.  I had one of those bonnets that you connect the hose to your hair dryer. I also tried a Heat Gel Cap and I don’t care for it either. It’s made of plastic so it’s heavier and there’s no elasticity in the band. It gets really hot, enough that it burned my ears and neck.

dovedarby says:

Thanks for sharing!

Dionne & Family says:

OMG!!!! My daughters would benefit from that cap, they HATE going under the dryer for a DC….. wish you could do a giveaway! Very detailed video 🙂

Karima Altidor says:

Iam falling in love with you already New sub

hardstylemetalchick says:

I can wear this to bed as a night cap. And outside on cold days. I should look for this. Or something close to that.

Blackheaven03 Nikki says:

I just got mine in the mail about a day ago and I cannot wait to use it. I was so tired of spending an hour or more with deep conditioning  and was happy to see this product.

aleesha dawson says:

Do you have any tips on hair growth? I’m just starting out and I have a similar hair type

Shi Currie says:

That is a very interesting and creative tool you have shown. I recently am doing more deep conditioning steaming treatments and purchased a gold n hot jet bonnet. I did see a lot of reviews about it and they were mostly negative. The bonnet was inexpensive so I will work with it for now. Since seeing your video about the “hot head” I will also look into this product. Thank you for sharing!

Ashleyruth Eckels says:

omg YES I love this!!!

Cantetinza17 says:

Well that looks cool. I’ll give them a gander. I love me some Etsy!

Random As Hell says:

what conditioner do u use to dc?

JaVonna Williams says:

Hello my fellow natural I really enjoyed this video on your review of the hot head microwavable conditioning cap. I too enjoy this cap for deep conditioning great invention, like you mentioned no cords. You are a very beautiful women I like how you speak and explain things. I love your hair it is pretty. Thank you for this review on this product and a great video.

Belle says:

I just ordered one and I heard it’s best to put a plastic cap over the cap as well as over your conditioning hair. Great video, thanks!

Nay Lovable says:

– I would love to try but $30 /:

Kimisha Godbolt says:

how u long u leave it in the microwave

Ghana Goddess says:

This is why I can’t watch your videos…you always make me wanna buy something lol great review. I’m always a little nervous about using microwaves for things I put on my body but I dunno maybe I’ll try it.

jaylashay92 says:

I have 4c hair and it’s so dry and brittle..not to mention thin and knots entirely toouch! I’ve been natural for at least two years and haven’t really retained any length. Help pls!!!!

naturallymesmooches says:

Because of you I brought my a few months ago and love it!!!!

jelly bird says:

beautiful n nice review!

Mademoiselle Ivy says:

Omg I love ur hair!

choco milk says:

I love your videos! Did you do the big chop or did you transition? If you did transition, how did your natural hair look before you cut the relaxed hair?  Did it look the same as now/could you see any curl definition? 🙂

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