Finally a hat with a Satin Lining! SLAP Cap review!

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I was given this product for free because I asked the company for it. You can trust my review because I only reviewed it because I really needed something like this.
I really dig this cap. I have worn it in the house in place of my bonnet and I didn’t even remember I had it on. It kept my hair flat and smooth without frizz. I like it most as a outdoor hat. The satin lining inside is something we’ve all been waiting for in the natural hair community. A hat that protects your natura l hair? What else could you ask for?
*This is a paid review*

More about Satin Lined Caps:
Satin Lined Caps is a clothing brand that provides a fashionable hair cap as an accessory that protects the hair in various situations, including, but not limited to, sleeping, being in cold climates, and wearing it as a piece that complements different outfits. Our caps are designed to protect your hair day and night.

By wearing a SLAP to sleep at night and in harsh conditions like cold, rain, or windy days, the SLAP allows you to maintain soft, silky virgin hair. By protecting your hair from those conditions and the eventual breakage that results, the SLAP also allows you to grow your hair faster by keeping more of it, and keeping more of your hair’s natural moisture in.

It’s a well known fact that protecting your hair from harsh conditions helps prevent tangles, frizz, and dryness that causes hair to break off and grow slowly. The biggest culprit is the cotton pillowcase. When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, your hair fibers stick to the cotton and as you toss and turn the hair dries-out, gets tangled, and even tangles and/or breaks. Putting a slippery barrier between your hair and the cotton pillowcase allows hair strands to slide rather than catch as you toss and turn, meaning the style you went to bed with is the same style you wake up with! Solutions exist currently – satin wrap, satin pillowcase, satin bonnet, dew rag, etc. However none of them are fashionable to wear around the house. This is the innovation with the SLAP.

When a person wakes up after wearing a SLAP, they get touchable smooth and silky hair rather than frizzy, dry, tangled hair.

After getting an expensive cut or blowout at the salon, it normally won’t last more than 2-3 days. Wearing a SLAP each night allows that investment to last 4-5 days or longer, paying for the SLAP after first use!

The SLAP accomplishes the above benefits by having the following features:
The satin lining keeps the hair well moisturized, protected, and even tangle-free when resting.

The elastic band ensures it stays on your head at night, and not slip off like a satin wrap.

The stylish, cotton knit exterior allows you to be discreet and incognito on those days when you are on the go. No more bed head!

Fewer split ends, tangles and hair grows at a faster pace due to lack of breakage from the harsh cotton. Hair becomes touchable smooth.

Cost: $29.95 plus shipping($4.99 domestic and $7.99 international).
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KayT rifik says:

sorry to hear about your brother. great and informative review

Ebizzill says:

or you could put on a bonnet, then the hat. no bumps…… 

marian B says:

Yeah, don’t even try wearing this hat in New Hampshire! You won’t stand a chance in this COLD weather. I tried it.

Melanie Spear says:

can u plz post the link for the company again thx. love you channel…

Melanie Spear says:

ty 🙂 looking forward to more hair tutorials from you

luvlyfe2010 says:

where did you get your pink headband?

Wannella Lawson says:

It is nice to see companies coming up with ideas for the satin hat but it is too expensive

MyNaturalMyChoice says:

Great review! I will definitely look into purchasing this item!

Lutjesgirl says:

I like it.  We need more manufacturers to make stuff like this for our hair.

Melanie Spear says:

can u plz post the link for the company again thx. love you channel…

Debra Omron says:

I’ve finally ordered my Slap Cap, but it’s so TIGHT AND SMALL. I have very little hair and a small head size 22 in but the cap is size 21 1/4. TOO LITTLE.

Samantha Ivy says:

I just ordered one. Some of them are on sale now for $15. I can’t wait to receive mine. They are so cute.

Jenn Nicole says:

When I wake up is my hair going to be soaking wet or dry?

Jay Dunbar says:

might be a silly question but is this only marketed towards women? like would i (a man) look odd wearing this lol?

Jay Dunbar says:

I’m gonna order onem after i get my locs next week

peepla7 says:

cute,…but I just sew bonnets to the perimeter of my hats. 3.00 so its affordable to add one for every hat I have. if I buy a new hat….I buy a bonnet to go with it.

slimchelle says:

nice tfs

samantha espinoza says:

i have one. i just dont know if you can wear it with wet hair. I usually apply oil to my damp hair and i would like to put on my Slap cap, but i dont want it to get that “wet rag” smell.

karen jones says:

is it comfortable to wear on hot summer nights?

innerbeautydiva says:

How about holding the hair styling for going out or work? My mother always tell me to keep my hair covered for going out but I do my hair is always good if I’m wearing a scarf for a long of time. I also realize that the scarf doesn’t keep your hairstyle as you want it long time? My hair always falls out if I wear my scarf all the time am i holding it too tight on my hair?

Valarie Abena Ann says:

Can you wear it in the Summer season?

Trina Saunders says:


luke bandit says:

The blue cap is so cute on you.  I just read below about your brother. Please accept my condolences. God bless you!

lextexgal says:

Thanks for sharing!  Interesting in buying one but have a question.  Can it be tighten?  I know I sleep bad and would think that it would come off.  Thanks.

Cheryl Talley says:

I bought a SLAP a few weeks ago after MoKnowsHair’s review. I got the same blue color. I love it.

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