8 Winter Style Essentials | Men’s Cold Weather Must Haves

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This season is Alpha’s favorite season because of the amazing men’s style staples and cold weather accessories. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.IAmAlphaM.com , http://www.AaronMarino.com , and http://www.peteandpedro.com is discussing how to look good and stay warm while knocking it out of the style park.

1. Pea coat – jacket perfection! It works great with business casual as well it can be dressed down with jeans.

2. Lightweight leather gloves – just what the style doctor ordered when they’re lined. They’re hard to find in stores; however, Amazon has a great selection.

3. Watch – Parr & Cole is Alpha’s latest and is simple and clean. His piece features a gray tweed band, and the quick release strap is cool so you can change out your straps in other seasons!

4. Scarf – scarves are an amazing way to add detail, dimension, interest, depth, and color into an outfit. Scarves can change the look and feel of an outfit.

5. Light weight v-neck sweater – Alpha’s is from The GAP.

6. Knit hat – Alpha’s gotta cover up those elf ears! A simple knit hat is never far away.

7. Boots – rock some amazing, rugged, and masculine boots. Thursday Boots makes incredibly high quality boots at an amazing price. Check out Alpha’s latest acquisition.

8. Man bag -keep your clean lines and symmetry of your jacket! Carry your winter gear as well as your manly essentials in a man bag. Nutsac is Alpha’s bag of choice.


孩纸Hao says:

The glove page no longer works

angelf falcon says:

those man purses are just gaeee

Suicide is Painless says:

I would wear these if I was handsome

Morgan Childs says:

You live in Atlanta, ain’t no winter there.

Elliott Gagnon says:

Anyone have a link to that hat?

Vidyut Devam says:

Good thing i don’t have to buy anything to keep my balls warm this winter. Because ofcourse i want them to remain cold like Himalayan ice.

Dillon Nolan says:

Nice peacoat

mysteriousfrog gaming says:

I think you got some snow in Atlanta

TexMex says:

None of this applies to the 2 week winter in south Texas

Stratosfear12569 says:

Ha! Got the pea coat, scarf from Milano, Italia, an oversized burgundy beanie, touch screen friendly gloves, my jeans, and converse! And yes, the thermal compression thin fabric bottoms so my legs won’t freeze in NYC! SUBSCRIBED!

keeelane says:

This is fall wear for me…but then again I live in Finland, so. :p

Yura Bortnik says:

Іщо зробив.Покажи штани,які вкоротив Експерт херов.

ChamZeron says:

Nice I have a Navy peacoat from my grandpa worth a ton so yay

Roy Batty says:

Your left eye has aids

Omer Ahmed says:

Can we use scarf as a party wear accessory?

mina sedhom says:

hi Alpha! Love your work and especially when you bring us affordable companies and deals! thumbs up, speaking of which, do you know any channels or similar deals in Europe, and more specifically in UK?

Adam Jaber says:

You know what else the doctor ordered? A prostate exam….. he got DENIED

Dillon Nolan says:

Is 16 to young to wear a peacoat

Blind Bag HEROES says:

Yo alpha how do you feel about military pea coats

Bang Zul says:

I from tropical Malaysia..going to.vacation in winter chilly Beijing…this stuff is great

gagan deep says:


Carlino Carl says:

You deserve a golden globe man

Johnson Jackson says:

Are pea coats enough for snowy weather of chicago?

xxxdan82xxx says:

These watches are so disgusting. As if Aaron would ever wear one of these…

king jeremiah says:

You don’t need no watch

Jensen Ackles says:

winter cloth’s big offer _click here & getting now!!

Ahbab Murtoza says:

Keep up the great work, Aaron ☺!

brad salmon says:

LOL Alpha you live in Georgia just how cold could in get?


Damnnnn those boots are fine

KING says:

Timbs are 180

Xander Siczkowycz says:

Can you help with a website for that

Brooke monroe says:

Your from Atlanta?… but you’ve got no accent lol

Xander Siczkowycz says:

But what if your a kid

keith lowe says:

i must have a pair of commanders now thankyou for the product placement

NAVY S.E.A.L says:

Elf M.

Shovo Alex says:

Your all videos are indoor….make videos outside.

Brian Potts says:

The watch was ok, I am really liking the Vincero line in the newer videos. MVMT is also decent looking but Vincero has MVMT beat IMO !!

JF2 says:

I’m sorry man, but you cuff like a bitch.


His style is not even what i would would consider to ever wear. Though I watch almost every video lol. White or black tee, some decent slim straight jeans, black and white vans, and a black G-shock watch. Always kept it simple, don’t like being excessive.

Martin Larocque says:

can you make a video for actual cold weather

i doubt you can survive with that nice peacoat on in montreal

Andrés Coronado says:

Alpha!! please make a video on how to find the perfect fit for a pea coat, for example if you want to wear it on top of a suit

B Blakeyyy says:

Thumbs up for you dude !

NAVY S.E.A.L says:

I can imagine saying give me my nutsack in a public place

Dillon Nolan says:

It is reduced now to like 128dollars

Manoj Kumar says:

That’s probably my tuition fees for a year

J Johnson says:

What is the best parka for guys who live in places with real frigid, snowy winters? Sorry, peacoats won’t cut it in a blizzard.

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