WWII History & Reenacting – German “Bergmütze” (Chinese Reproduction any good?) Review

WWII German ski cap for reenacting
Are the Chinese reproductions any good?

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Alejo Sanchez says:

Can you make a video about the Soldbuch? pd:nice video

Bostonian Railfan says:

Can u get the ss skull sewn on it?

Reenactor Guy says:

Looks like a really nice hat!

Stefan Lundgreen says:

How long was the shipping?

AIF Reenacter says:

yay you are doing more

Kade Berrier says:

Actually, its based of the Württemberg model used in WW1. In 1915, the new Alpenkorps came up with the Gebirgstruppen. They were made a new tunic called the Litweka and a new type of cap called the Bergmütze. There were 2 version that the Germans used in WW1, the one had a wool visor and the other had a hard Vulcan fiber Feldgrau visor. The wool visor was only used by Württemberg Gebirgstruppen and the hard Vulcan Fiber Feldgrau visor was used by Bavarian and Prussian Gebirgstruppen and Schneeschuh.

Leo Gregoire says:

where can i get it ?

Kazz says:

I own this exact cap. Only issue with it, is the thinness of the material and the odd internal peak stiffener. Though the thinness is nice during the summer.

R0Ck.OrG says:

where have u bought the amulette in the intro.

Zack Quinlan says:

I’ve never sewn before but I want to put the Edelweiss on the cap. Did you just loop the thread through the holes over and over again? Do I start on the inside or outside of the flap? Thank you.

Simon Lau says:

Think twice before you place order!!
Not as perfect as described in the clip.
Wool is good, price is good, but needs lots of works to make it correct.
I bought it after watched this video, but found that the buttons are difference, as they ran out stock.
Common China M43 caps error, an non existing internal support strap to keeps the front upright, its wrapped in liner fabric and removable. Actually its been shown in the video for seconds, but didn’t mentioned.
The left wing of the eagle is 2mm shorter than the right, it’s a defected item which should not for sale anymore.
I choosen to sew on the insignia as recommended by the video, but actually its glue on and sew by powerful sewing machine to punch through both wool, liner and support strap in ugly white under thread.
When took off the defected insignia the glue stain can’t be remove.

Michal Walendzik says:

Wow Nice…

Tim Anderson says:

Could you do German armbands

5th Fallschirmjaeger Reenactor says:

The edelweiss hat pin I have an original from my great grandfather he was in the gebirgsjager

toiletnoob64 says:

Cool that’s from the gebrigsjager or something like that

militarycollector 04275 says:

You can buy really good m43 fieldcaps at zib Militaria for 19.99€ and is super Quality

赵恒挚 says:

This store sells this cap much cheaper than ebay .I bought one from them myself.I can make sure that’s a same store

ww2militaria says:

Wow! China made a good repro ski cap? Cool

TriggerMatsumoto 9719 says:

good choice the florian gayer at the begin of video

Mike musto says:

Wow looks like a nice cap!

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