Where to Find Reznov’s Ushanka Hat [Blackout Unlock Locations]

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Declan Day says:

Zi used a outlaw

Kaiser-o- things says:

I certainly didnt know where this was! Thanks!

Shane Hockey1139 says:

I spent 3 hours going to the same fountain and the one in asylum and I never found it I was first there every time too

iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX says:

Update the video as the hat to my understanding isn’t at the blood fountain it’s at the broken fountain in asylum. As you walk into asylum from the face of the building it’s to the right. The little area with a broken fountain no water no blood that’s where I found mine. Unless there are 2 at estates and 2 at asylum

James Cole says:

Seriously? You just said where they spawn instead of SHOWING US. And no it doesnt spawn at the blood fountain it spawns at a different, dry, fountain at the asylum.

IRecon-_ says:

I had mason, and 2 other z characters and died rip

Paulie Mueller says:

I know how to get Mason first you have to get the white t shirt then you have to play a match as Reznov then kill the sleeper agent then get in top 3 and end the match with the t shirt in inventory

Kiloom Bana says:

Holy hell man, keep it up.

David Lord Vonderhaar says:

Eveytime i get the hat i can’t never find a sniper piss me off and i died

JayLivingLife says:

That hat don’t fuckin exist yeooo wtf

DragonHansen says:

192m not enough guys 🙁

james C says:

speak the fuck up cant hear your fucken whispering

Dusty Snap man Musty says:

Can I have. Shoutout for telling you

Matthew young says:

Gwt your facts straight instead of copying other youtuber material being mislead sucks more than this hard ass challenge even if you sound like a game show host

Joshpe Carvalho says:

I just Checked the game files it doesn’t spawn at asylum

♡REM ♡ says:

Pls can you help me

J.J. Hernandez says:

Is it just me or are these challenges hard as hell like WTF

LD-StaTic 911 says:

Your a bot rabbit dog that dosnt know anything and it dosnt spawn at asylum, your full of turkey poo

Gabe Dawe says:

ive dropped asylum like 50 time and havnt seen the hat at all

Doggo says:

Short and simple, thanks

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