THE WORST GAME EVER MADE (not clickbait)

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Life of Black Tiger – Preview Trailer | PS4


Intro / outro music �м Whitewoods – Beachwalk


Matias Impola says:

When you are so nerdy that you know the game when you open the vid.

Awesome Batman Doge says:

Glory to Arstotzka

Mc fetron Ion says:

I see you like to make fun of accent. I like to break face.

Pullthetr1gger says:

im buying this game on my sega saturn while i rethink my life choices and watch fortnite

Red Dragon says:

*The Life Of Despactio III*

SwagJack252 says:

this was made on my birthday…..Best present ever

Henry Cavanaugh says:

It’s sad there are free games that are better

Brett W says:

Do you even Remove Kebab? CYKA BLYAT!

Ballista_Boi says:

I want my papers please comrade huehuehuehuehue

lrmclinn says:

It’s amazing have you actually played it?

New Memer says:

The walking and attacking animations of the tiger is stolen from the game Dynasty Warriors 8

Ralfs Timermanis says:

Привет comrade! (NO I’m not russian)

K4 says:

i keep getting ps4 ads in this video lol

FusionSniping says:

Who tf thought about that game

Yankee Spank says:

You know that terraria developers are friends with minecraft developers but terraria is 2D minecraft 3D

Adriam Sei says:

I am sorry W H A T

Torterrion Guy says:

You’ve never seen Gulman))

Alaina King says:

I see I have found another person for my army

Dope Swaggermuffin says:

Pyro I was listening to your video while playing some fortnite and because I herd your stale British guy #357 type voice I won my first ever solo thank you so much praise be to our one and only god the flame retardant British nibba

Brodonamus says:

Just got done busting the fattest fucking nut of all time FUCK

Jack Murray says:

Who else thought he was insulting papers please?

J4X1playz says:

Put a TV on your head

Calvinatorks says:


Jose Garcia says:

It took me a second to think of the anime song, but I found out it’s from Parasyte, good ass Anime btw :3

nani boi says:

Worse game in the world is sonic the hedgehog 2006 reboot of sonic 06

Pyrocynical says:

glory to arstotzka

Fishyfoo says:

Ёб твою мать

Milo Cabral says:

Moye imya jeff

Bosstexans says:

I thought of bubsy. That game was horrable

Soviet Union says:

Кomrade, report back to HQ, stalin wants you

Vesnesc says:


redtheboss r says:

I played apoxz

Grim 343 says:

Fuck me!
I was staring at the dealing when I heard the piano song half way through the video. I didn’t look back in time so I sat there for a minute trying to remember where I’d heard it before. I rushed to google to try and figure it out and came out to no avail. I came back to YouTube to find that moment, not looking at the screen and listening hard to figure out what song that was. I opened Shazam on my phone before going back to google for another five minutes before going back to that moment and reading what it said. At that moment I instantly wanted to end my life…

Slade Areola says:

I want dildoes

DaMidEastBeast 3 says:

This is one of the reasons y i have xbox one

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