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Edit: Stated Finland won the winter war where as a Peace Treaty was signed where Finland succeeded portions of land along the border with Russia.

We continue from part one by going over perhaps one of the most recongnizable hats on Earth; the Ushanka hat. In this video we go back in time and cover all the people and headpieces that lead to its creation as well as its expansion from a small hat used by the Red Navy to being used by various nations military’s and government entities.

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Joe Channon says:


Hsutheguard says:

Yessssh! Mah Nigga back

Repdebt says:

What about a video about the SSH-41 helmet?

Sissi Fin says:

Ha haa ruski. copy finnish

Einar Bolstad says:

This hat was previously, and no suprise there considering its roots, in use in several uniformed state organizations here in Norway (such as armed forces, police, civil defence and such). I had one, and it was a very good piece of equipment. They were probably called “hat, winter” or something like that in official documents, but we all refered to it as the “BF”. BF stood for “bjørnefitte” which means “bear pussy”. Yep, when you hold the opening together, that is sort of what it resembles. We unfortunately had to turn in ours and we got issued with some sort of shell mountain cap instead. It’s not bad, but it’s no BF either!

Riceball01 says:

Thanks to this video I now want to get an ushanka although it never really gets that cold down here in SoCal. But if next year’s winter is anything like this year, an ushanka might not be too bad.

PanzerKampfwagen VI Ausf B [H] says:

Cheeki breeki

John Konrad says:

Really good general overview of the Ushanka’s long history. Especially impressed with the deep, well-researched and broader historical narrative-driven dive into Ushanka’s development from historical predecessors… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE retain this element for future episodes!

Travis Travis says:

Most Canadian police service including the RCMP wear vary similar winter hats or ” toques” as we call them in Canada.

The2x32 says:

Pretty cool, even I didn’t know about such rich history of this hat.

When I served we called the newly issued ushanka hat as “шапка-уебанка” (which can be loosely translated as “hat-dumb fuck”, if that makes any sense) because of how stupid those long flappy ears can look. Especially under under SSh-68…

The Gun Show says:


I’m early and not first

Chromopila says:

5:43 The Finns did not win the Winter War.

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