Stereotypes About Russia. Top 12. “Real Russia” ep.67

We have started “Real Russia” because we wanted to show the real Russian life all over the world and to kill so many silly and outdated stereotypes about our country.

However, we never listed that stereotypes in our video and never tried to proove this or that concrete stereotype is the truth or not.

But recently we wrote such a list of twelve most popular stereotypes about Russia as a result of our brainstorm regarding how can we create an effective trailer for “Real Russia” channel.

We want to increase the popularity of our videoblog and to get more views/subscribers thankful to promoting our trailer in pre-roll video ads on YouTube (this is video ads that play before the video on YouTube, that ones you can skip in 5 seconds after start).

We analized the most popular and effective trailers on YouTube from such channels like Vice, TheGraveYardGirl, TheFineBros, SoulPancake and others. After detailed learning we have found TOP 3 things to make your trailer successful:

1. Catchy beginning.

You have to remember that people can skip your ad already in 5 seconds after it’s started. So you have only 5 seconds to capture people’s attention. 5 seconds!

2. Short but clear description what is your channel about under the best fragments of your videos.

In trailer no need saying what a great person you are, say what is your channel about. Short and clear! Make it on the background of dynamic video intro of the best cuts from your videos.

3. Call to Action!

If you think that all people really knows how to watch your channel after watching trailer you’re WRONG! So make call to action! Explain what exactly need to do to watch your channel! For example, click here to watch our channel NOW.

You know, not everyone even knows that if you’ll click in any place of the video ad you will be directed to the target webpage of an advertiser.

So use this three keys for making your trailer and you’re really get all chances to make it successful.

We really wants to make a trailer which might will be super showy but catchy. We need to create the trailer people will want to watch and more than that will want to click on it that to get on our channel. Only this way we’ll return our money investment in pre-roll video ads!

Based on these 3 keys for creating successful trailer and playing on stereotypes of Russia we thinked up scenario for a trailer where Sergey Baklykov starts with saying: “I am a Communist, I wear shapka-ushanka, I play balalaika but yesterday I broke it because I was drunk. You know, the winter here is all over the year and we have to warm up somehow, so we drink Russian Vodka like a water. And, of course, it happens right new the statue of our hero – the Founder of Communism, Vladimir Lenin”. Then explanation these are just a stereotypes about Russia and in we kill them in “Real Russia”!

We’ll upload this trailer as soon as it will be done!

In the final TOP-12 Stereotypes:

1. All Russians are drunkards
2. All Russian men not only alcoholics but also beats their wives
3. All Russians are Communists
4. Lenin is Russian national hero
5. Winter is all over the year in Russia
6. All Russians weak ushanka
7. All Russians play balalaika
8. White bears are riding on a motorcycle or bicycle in the streets of Russia.
9. Russian mafia is everywhere
10. Nuclear reactor is in every Russian home.
11. Iron Curtain is still in Russia and Russians can’t travel abroad.
12. We’ll be sent to the labor camp in Siberia for a bad words about Russian President Putin.

Please, let us know, what yet stereotypes of Russia you know….


Pajeet The Street Shitter says:

13. All russian named sergey

Mr Nick says:

Now n12 true…I write from Gulag in Siberia.

Patti Zayas says:

lol…..this is funny

Kyle says:

Russia has problems with alcoholism that’s a known fact pointed out by the UN so I’ll have to disagree

mplsmikey says:

Sergey, I love what you guys are doing! Transparency through cultures is wonderful! If you ever are back in the United States, I would feel honored to host you to the wonderful City of Minneapolis Minnesota!

Jade says:

I am fascinated by Russia

WizardsOf12 says:

#13 all russian dudes have a gap in their front teeth.

Dylan Vaught says:

Love you’re channel, fellas, always have. God bless and greetings from Tennessee, US.

OfficialThiano says:

I just want that Ushanka…

zTxzz says:

5:11 stolichnaya the cheapest 200 rubel vodka
Next time kalashnikov for 13.000 rubel

cambroo says:

Where’s the Russian kick

Frances Sims says:

Great video!

hector and miguel says:


memetakesahike. meme says:

Adorable young man, beautiful country. This Yankee believes NO STEREOTYPES!!!!

Mark E. Barnes says:

Did you study English language in school or learn on your on?BTW you speak English well. Funny how you put sentence and words together. Great video.

Gopinath Radhakrishnan says:

One more stereotype- all Russian men are named either Sergey or Vladimir

Pinky Mixology says:

I thought only women used white ushanka, not men.

Doc.Mc. Fettmus says:

White ushanka is for women

Elijah Jean-Jacques says:

I want a ushanka

Mina Mouse says:

Putin just passed a law that allowed russian men to get away with domestic abuse. Can you please make a video about that?

Винишко тян says:

Грёбаные стереотипы…

Mary Hildreth says:

I get the stereotype thing. I live in Alabama and people who haven’t been here always assume all kinds of things about how it is down here. Some people will always believe what they want in spite of being told differently.

I think the only depiction of Russia I’ve seen in movies is Soviet Russia where the KGB was everywhere listening to everything and people stood in line for hours to get a roll of toilet paper, and the pre WWI Russia with the Tsars and all the rich nobility and such. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a representation of Russia in any normal way. Then again, reality isn’t what sells movies.

Thanks for your videos, I’m enjoying them.

Evo RS says:

I ve got a question Sergey ~ Why Russians don’t obey the local traffic regulations? It seems like YOU MUST have a Dash Cam ~ Because people drive like SHIT and Care less~~~
Only Russians that I know drive well is from “””Dragtimes””””

Airsoft Ghost says:

Stereotype 13: Gopniks are all over the place.

Anastasia Yudina says:

Хахаха идите к черту ,
Ненавижу стереотипы о русских )

Ken Alexander says:

In America, we all live in Mobile Homes and Date our Cousins

Dancing Spiderman says:

On this episode:
killing stupid outdated Russian stereotypes.

Yakov Smirnov is missing a paid day of work to jrink a full bottle of Stoly while sitting under statue of Lennon wearing a famous yushanka on your head while Russian white bears ride bicycles on the cold snowy streets of DownTown Russia. All Russian drivers are on at least one youtube dashcam video, all Russian male drivers have spent Hard Time in gulag for road rage. All Russian ladies are fat babushkas. lol, that’s the funny stereotype for me.

Here in the U.S.A. the most famous Russian is actor Peter Stormare; he plays Russian characters in all his movies but he is not even Russian. He is sweedish meatball.

CitizenOWorld says:

I have lived in Russia and, I have to say, you are not a typical Russian man, Sergei. I found most Russian men to be much more reserved than you are. Of course, once you get to know them, many of them are a lot of fun. I love your cameraman’s last name. Thunder! I am so glad I found your channel!

Ras Ars says:

when here is a cold summer about -65 we don’t lock our porches to bears could came in and get warm … it so cute about us you know

22vx says:

1, 1, 3

George Cogswell says:

LoL you are funny ! But you are right, especially older people think some of these things.I think it comes from the “post WWII generation”. I am happy you address these subjects. I think there are “stereo type notions” for every country. For US other countries assume that #1 all women are fat. #2 women run around in curlers in their hair outside. #3 people live in trailers and are nasty and poor. #4 Everybody eats MCDonalds all day long. #5 black people are thugs and murderers (this is very sad because most of our friends are black educated, kindhearted , hard working, loving people!. The same goes for Germany #1 Germans are better than other nations, this always made me upset ( I’m from Germany) #2 The worst All Germans are Nazis (when I came to this country at 19 I said hello to my new neighbors, the first thing was I was asked if I was a Nazi and they didn’t want me living in their street !) I still cry about that one because my deds were loving men. That’s were my ded met my babushka and took her to Germany and married her. Those are just a few points but I know that you sadly are right. I look upon the person not the nation and see what their character is like. But God says never judge so I leave it up to Him ! At times that’s difficult but I just pray and it works. Thank You both Serjeys to address these points!

David Lindsey says:

Thanks for clearing that up and having a sense of humor

Dev9172 says:

I had a Russian girlfriend . She was a great fuck . Lol

Alejandro says:

White ushankas only are for women, and if it have any symbol then is for tourists, sorry.

Michael Hite says:

#9 is not true?

A M says:

How many sergeys do you know?

Pat Bond says:

the peoples people will prescribe to this channel. what about the stereotype that russia is the top consumer for heroin?

Communist Doggo says:

In America we inhale McDonalds like air

Drunk Bishop says:

eto chey tam paranok, vydayot kolentsa

SuperSerge111 says:

Stop-stop! Why stereotypes? My bear really wears ushanka, rides bike and when has a drink of vodka – plays balalaika very loudly and dances kazachok. It’s really real Russia, boys!

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