Soviet WW2 Ushankas !

Bulgarian Ushanka –

Vintage Soviet Ushanka –

D.F. Smith Ushanka –!historic-1914-1945-/c19bs


FuckYour Feelings says:

When I go to the link for the Vintage Soviet Ushanka it doesn’t show the ushanka.

Comrade StalinV2 says:

Hey, hope I’m not bothering you but I picked up an interesting ushanka today. It was advertised as “an older Soviet military ushanka” on ebay. It believed it was similar to the 80’s configuration however I am questioning if it was ever military or just a Soviet civilian ushanka. The short cut fur is very soft in a slightly shiny pitch black color, already not your normal military because of the color and fur. The color would probably indicate it is navy, but the top is not leather. It’s not that the front visor is shorter, but the area above it extends higher. The outside wool is extremely fine, in comparison to my blue 80’s hat. It has a real 1980’s style gold leaf with red star pin. It is also missing an “OTK” quality control stamp. All of this would indicate a fake, however the inner pattern liner is well patted-has the Cold War design with the three stripes. Now here is where it gets interesting, “Rot Front” stamp on the Middle of the linner where you would expect it to be on a military model. Says Leningrad of course, than at the very bottom “60-90.” What is this a Ushanka? Would you like me the send pictures?

Super Mayro says:

I have my own Ushanka, but mine is thicker with fur and it has thick fur, not distracting but it goes out about half a centimeter, and it has good thick insulation. Only problem with it is I cannot get hte pin in. It came with a Gold and Red Soviet Pin.

StalePictures says:

Hello there! I’m actually in the process of buying a WW2 ushanka from a private seller, and everything that I’ve seen from it is from WW2. The problem for me is idk if it was used by infantry or the navy as the color is all grey, so I’d like to ask you for some help on wether or not its navy or an infantry ushanka. The condition is typical for a WW2 ushanka, and the stitching on the inside is identical to the real WW2 ushanka, so it’s just whether or not it’s infantry or navy, it also has a green star pin so idk if that helps.

dragan Ljubenov says:

nice vid,greeting from yugoslavia(serbia) 🙂

Apple Mccartney says:

Man i love your ushanka videos good work,Greetings from Argentina

Modern_Soldier7i i says:

Reznov and dimitri petrenko

Crazy Running Cruasder says:

I tried singing Russian national anthem.

RighteousWrath17 says:

Cheers man. Some pretty nice ushankas.

CreatureHeroin says:

erm? nazi’s eagle?
Anyway – it’s very clever to make a red point-tag right on the forehead. Easy for sniper to aim.

Zachary afA says:

Question for you, Sean. The authentic WW2 hats – are they real fur or faux fur? Also are either the real OR the faux fur itchy?

edgynate says:

what is the one from 0:59?

Fluffy Bam!Boo!747 says:

I want the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dragan Ljubenov says:

we here in serbia have sone nice yugoslav ones,they were rarely issued as the german occupation lasted so little,didnt stop Russian liberators to wear them.

dennis russel says:

im a big fan of your collection.i couldnt get any bulgarian ushanka even im from bulgaria,the one with nazi eagle is probably collest thing i ever seen how did u get that ? 😀

ZiPTiC says:

nice greetings from Russia

Shinobi V 101 says:

I have a ushanka that has a rabbit with a bent ear. Would you know when or were it was made ???

Fiz ' says:

might get one of these

ChaoticPigs says:

Great collection. I am new to collecting but I do have the Bulgarian Ushanka. Unfortunately, the front flap wasn’t stitched on when I got it, so I need my dad to see it. One question, what is a good place to find real WW2 Ushankas and is the Khaki one the 100 dollar one on Soviet military stuff?

YourLordChanka says:


JohnTheGreat7822 says:

Great video as always friend, glad you used the 1944 anthem!

The Khaki one was my favourite, pleasant colour

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