Must-have for Wintertime – The Russian Ushanka

It’s cold and one should wear something warm on the head. There are a lot of options like beanies and hats, but the most practical and stylish type of winter hat comes from Russia: The Ushanka. See a few models in comparison to western headwear.


sp blouin says:

Go to 4:22 in Tim’s video link to see hot Russian playing piano. Before that, I think conductor that enjoys masculine things. On another note… Tim, love your videos and I love the Ushanka. But, I live in Louisiana. So, lowest temp here in a typical year is about 40F – so, no Ushanka for me. On the final note, a friend of mine died last week and his drink of choice was a Gin Rickey. I drank one in his honor and have to agree with you that Gin is just too floral. Peace to you and and all your viewers/followers.

Ric Capucho says:

With the Ushanka ears down, you look like Elmo Thudd. “Hey, Wabbit…”

Jarod Stevens says:

Awesome video brother really enjoying your channel keep it up and have a great New year

Clyve Watch-Wrangler says:

Now you look like an East German.

Tony Hill says:

I wear a hat outdoors from November to March. I haven’t had a chest infection or head cold for more than 20 years. The Russian hat is good for extreme conditions, a woollen beret is my favourite though. I didn’t know it was possible to still find vintage fur hats. I’ll start a search now.

Mohamed Zid says:

Russian hat , Russian musician and Russian movie ( about Stalin ) , why not Russian wirst watch ? Or something connected with Russia , a H Moser and cie for example .

William Miller says:

I always liked those Russian hats. I had a Shearling Lama coat that was very warm and received many compliments on it, sadly I had it dry cleaned and it destroyed the coat. I did get a lot of good years out of that coat and someday will get another one. Thanks for the video Tim!

Yankee Doodle says:

Play some guitar for us

Aki says:

I always wanted one but have no idea where to get one in Japan! So practical.
(P.S. sorry it’s been a while since I saw your vids!)


I don’t think I could pull one off in Australia.

Lester Watch Reviews says:

In Moscow in the 80s there was a saying that if you wore the ear flaps down you were a bit of a girl. I wanted to fit in so I wore them up throughout the winter of 1988, minus 30 celcius. Moral: don’t try to fit in.

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa says:

You’ve just convinced me to try Vodka Tonic.

Atelier Iris says:

Random, interesting and entertaining

Jason Grundstad says:

Fun video! I wish I could do hats, but my hair never survives and I look like a 5 year old just out of bed. What’s the dry product you’re using?

mrg1911 says:

Guten Tag Tim…..
Your Ushanka makes you look like a Bubushka…..

Funkymoneydude says:

*insert communist joke here*

Truthfears Guilty says:

Gin, is a ladies drink

Doc Holliday says:

Funny video and good points.

Kyle Stewart says:

In November, they make fun of you.
In December, they’re jealous of you.
In January, they’re considering stealing it from you.

Craig Rodgers says:

Very entertaining and informative, thanks Tim! Will definitely check out Olga!

ShawJohn31 says:

It looks like an afro when you lift your chin up 😉

Luis PGoncalves says:

Beautiful music & Woman.

Robert Sanchez says:

Tim Enjoyed Olga’s Concerto very much she is exceptional! Thanks for the link! Happy New Year!

Bill Higginbottom says:

Very funny Tim not a big fan of hats but looks good on you lol

Stefanie Newman says:

What is the status of your bespoke winter coat ?

Mohamed Zid says:

Wonderful video.
The death of stalin is a very good movie , I confirm .

William Parker says:

Started feeling old when you said the hat was an antique… Then said it was produced in the 80s.

Joe Moore says:

Hilarious video. Never been into hats myself but I might give it a go

HunterAsesino1 says:

In November they look confused.
In December they look jealous.
In January they ask you how to buy that thing.
Wisdom from Tim!

Rich Gaughan says:

Thanks for the link to the Olga Scheps concert, wonderful!! The Ushanka would be useful in Boston, it would certainly get comments at the office!

Greg Barton says:

You are a funny guy. I enjoyed the vid.

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