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Albert Hernandez says:

What about a military grade Austrian ushanka

Real Men Real Style says:


Samuel Benitez says:

“I never grabbed some random ex Soviet Guy’s hat to check if it pulls down” … Probably not a good idea! 😀 are there any videos on flat caps?

Mono Ovotro says:

How about fur hats? They can be highly classy and functional..

Joe T says:

My dude! On Wisconsin

Jordan H says:

have fun trying to even touch a former soviet man.

Milos Vukovic says:


Ravio says:

Absolute unit,pronouncing babushka like that

Ole Kristian Møller-Hansen says:

Sven Raphael Schneider in that pig-hat. 🙂

Daniel Westerhouse says:

scarfs are for the ears and face the hat is for the head that is the line. as a cold winter native I have learn this from years of experience. hope it helps.

handsome squidward says:

I have my ushanka,I previously thought it wasn’t possible to be this warm in winter

Jaime Luevano says:

Are you from WI ?

Jonathan Vasquez says:

You should have tried them on! XD

Nelson D Cunha says:

Thank you

David Krzemien says:

What about men’s dress hats. Help!!

Krestian Kvart says:

trapper hats all the way, preferably made from rabbit or sheep fur.

SlideRulePirate says:

Cap comforter.
If it’s good enough for Lord Lovat it’s good enough for anyone.

Assassin says:

3:27 I have a hat that looks like that but in grey, black, and white; I can also turn it inside-out for an all black.

What age group would you say that hat works well with? (Ex. 10 – 20)



Platypus of Death says:

I remember when I first moved to Minnesota. It was just in time for one of the coldest winters in a decade and had been living in Atlanta. I had a trapper hat but didn’t want to wear it because I thought it looked stupid, but one day it was too cold to bear, so I pulled on the hat and instantly fell in love with it. Absolutely my favorite style of cold weather hat.

Russian Legacy says:

Good summary, Antonio! You can also tie ushanka ear flaps behind the hat. As for Astrakhan hats, anyone interested in learning about their styles is welcome to visit our website.

Count Raven says:

A large part of ushankas lack that practical use of ear covering and are manufactured just to imitate the shape of that cap. They are called “formovka” in common slang.

Btw there is another type of fur cap known as “papakha”. It is spherical or cylindric by it’s shape and made from sheepskin. Those caps are of North Caucasian and Central Asian origin were adapted by Russians as a part of officer or general uniform. Just for information. )

Jordan Garrity says:

Ushankas (the Russian hats with the ear flaps) all the way, they’ll always do the trick.

Илья Костерин says:

Babushka (granny) – may be your wife meant Baba Yaga? I’m Russian (so I’m one hell of a Slav), and if you want to scare someone in Russia, you should use Baba Yaga – the prechristian woman-demon, who ate bad behaving children in the ancient times.

Ushanka!!!!! I’m living in Urals mountain region (Yekaterinburg city), it’s cold here in winter, so I have one. And sometimes it’s very useful, helping to avoid serious health problems.

DatL3afN1nja says:

I notice in an earlier video somebody said you talk too much, but I want to say keep doing what you do. I’m 24 and absolutely love your videos. You come off as not smug, light hearted , and some one that knows their stuff and I greatly appreciate it, they have helped me out a lot.

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