LIFE IN USSR 1. What is the difference between babushka and shapka?

“Ushanka Show” is a collection of stories about life in the USSR, Russia, and Ukraine.
I was born in the USSR in 1971 and remember really well life Soviet style. ))
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Zachary Scott says:

Heay I live in Michigan

Tree Roo says:

Ushanka looks very bad on you I’m sorry


what is your other channel name

Scholastic Vibrations says:

During the Cold War American media, and films tried to portray women of The Soviet Union as mostly babuskas, wearing headscarves, heavy coats, having no curves, while the Russian men would be portrayed as emotionless, evil, robotic-like such as the Ivan Drago character in Rocky IV. I remember after the Cold War ending feeling ashamed that the media deceived us, and felt bad we didn’t know how many beautiful women lived behind the iron curtain.

It's me Yes. Me says:

Where do I get one like the one you have? You made me want to buy one even thought here in washington state it doesn’t get that cold.

Yurii Moisiienko says:

Funy video, especialli about Janukovich. Try to whrite in English

Svetlana Aalves- The rambler says:

That’s funny some people also call the Matryoshka/nesting dolls “babushka”.
Just found your channel and subbed because I always wanted to find channels like these but I already know that different people will come up with different stories about the Soviet Union because some were very poor others were more comfortable financially either way I prefer to hear them from people of a certain age like you.
Someone of my age born in 1987 would have little to no recollection of that time they will just talk from world of mouth.

jrfi orn says:

Love the video, subscribed! I found your channel watching one of your car videos. I will watch the rest very soon, I like your presentation. I live in California for 40 years but I’m from Argentina originally, so I like comparative culture topics (I wish I understood Ukrainian, would like to see your ‘living in America’ series as well). As a side note in my business I often come across people from the old Soviet Union (from Belorussia to Kazakhstan) and I always ask them if it was better then or now and I have to say ‘better then’ is winning by a lot! I think there were many problems with the USSR but here in the US (and in South America as well, but less) there was always a lot of propaganda. Thanks for making these videos!

Isha Zin says:


grassulo says:

I bought a military Ushanka from China, yes it’s a Cheburashka artificial fur one but they used the same insulation as winter gloves in it, oh my god is it warm! I live in Massachusetts, and when you have to dig your car out from 3 feet of snow in -5F cold and wind, it’s flaps over your ears and a balaclava over your nose and mouth are like the best thing ever. And it’s also great that you can wash it in the clothes washer instead of paying for dry cleaning.

Lana AK47 says:

У меня есть черная шапка ушанка.

mixflip says:

Great channel. I love the info. I need a Ushanka hat now. I spent the day in the snow today and my ears were cold.

RovexHD says:

Bought a russian army ushanka from a reputable seller on Ebay (Russian).

Amazing hat. Warm, comfortable, versatile. Can be worn multiple ways. Looks cool as well.

Shelby says:

Ms. Benes the hat you charged to the company was Sable, this is
Well, that’s a kind of sable.
No, its a kind of rat.
That’s a rat hat?

SixSentSoldiers says:

To Hell with it. I’m starting at the beginning of Ushanka Show. I should have found a Russian wife.

Scott Schnell says:

I have a friend born in 1971 in Soviet Georgia. You guys probably have a lot of similar memories

lukkyluciano says:

those hats are warm, my pap wore one.

Covfefe Act The says:

Babushka means old lady in Russian, no?

Mike B says:

what about nerpa?

Juraj Ďuríček says:

we call it baranica or usianka 🙂

James Siebold says:

I’ve got three Ushankas. All three of mine are made of synthetic fibers but I rank their “levels” based how cold it is outside due to their thickness.

The ushanka I’ve had the longest is a new old stock army surplus from the DDR. It’s becoming threadbare from where I’ve worn it for over 10 years. This hat I call my 40 degree hat. Meaning I wear it when the temperature is between 40 to 50F (4C to 10c). It’s kind of itchy! Above 50F/10C I don’t wear a hat.

Then there is my Russian Ushanka that looks like mink but is not because I only paid $20 for it. This hat is thicker and I call it my 30 degree hat I wear between the temperatures of 30 and 40F (-1C to 4C).

Then there is my ushanka my wife got me this Christmas that came from Moldova. This one is my below freezing hat. It is quite thick. It came in very handy during this recent arctic blast. My head never got cold wearing this thing! I never realized how much warmer you can stay just by keeping your head covered.

Personally, I’ve never been fond of wearing hats. Just like I don’t like wearing a heavy coat unless I have to in order to stay warm.

These are the only hats I wear outside of my job. I don’t even wear ball caps in the summer. Although I do have to wear a ball cap or hard hat at work because I have to.

BTW, do you know who buys all of those pelts from those hermit trappers on those Alaskan shows on the Discovery channel? There is one animal called a Marten that seems to fetch a high price for it’s pelt. Since I know of nobody who wears fur in the United States anymore. I guess it has fallen out of fashion due to animal rights activists. I’ve always wondered if most of these fur pelts go into making high dollar ushankas in Russia.

Back in the 1970s there was a guy my father worked with who set traps for muskrats from our pond. I always wondered who bought these because I knew of nobody that turned these pelts into hats or coats. Not in the US anyway.

D Judson says:

I love all of your videos. Question – I understand you have a similar show in Russian about the USA. if so, does it have English subtitles and how do I find it? Keep up the fantastic work.

Sergei Kisviantsev says:

I watched with pleasure. Thanks

Miguel Peirano says:

I really like you.

Max H says:

I live in Michigan!!!!!

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