Hydralic Press vs Ushanka

Ushanka hat vs my hydraulic press.


Nein says:

Ushanka can’t melt steel beams

Gabriel Huber says:

Hydralic Press is overpowered.
Suggested changes: 50% damage penalty, 30% reload penalty

Retro says:

In Soviet Russia, hat crushes press.

Unseen Unit says:

No extra content for today ?

MsAnimator7 says:

can you make one for the banana hat? I wanna see how it squishes

Rasco says:

Woah! That Ushanka is extremely dangerous and could’ve attacked at any time! Nice one on stopping it early

AileronRC says:

You forgot the hysterical girl laughing whenever something happens

haljet says:


TheEuphoriac says:

Ve mast deel vit it

Karmas Camera says:

This is fine and all…But there are more PRESSING issues that need to be discussed in TF2

Jim Beam says:

Vat da fak!

Coke Pack says:


Холандска Седмолистна детелина says:

Wtf? Also hydraulic.

Peeacu says:

Top quality content.

Elsuri313 says:

You nailed the Finnish accent!

tom wikwayer says:

nice meme

ps: rush B

Braingears says:

Next time, we crush Demoman’s kidney.

dubfull says:

This is great

luminizelaura says:

and for todays egstra gontent, we hab dis, miniature heavy
it is very dangerous and may attag at any time, so we must deel wit it 😀

coe says:


Василий Калинкин says:

Ok. Now try with ushanka’s robotic counterpart

Mkgt7axe says:

Saxxy 2k16 winner

DUCKS says:

Nice accent.
almost as good as the original.

JoltRob says:

please make more

Blu says:

so fucking brilliant

Michael sheehan says:

lol, funny joke

Ze insane Medic says:

What kind of world is this where press does not deform when facing Russia hat?
Quality of Russia hat is superior to pathetic press. Press always tells untrue things about president anyways.

Zoop! says:

Thank you very much for watching and have a nice day.

StickMaster500 says:

However, this hat can attack at anytime so we must deal with it.

phths says:

ushanka is very dangerous and can attack at any time.

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