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How to hat your cat
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Life of Artyom presents: How to hat your cat. How to make small ushanka so your slav cat not get cold outside. Is made by sewing, no sewing machine required. Just basic skills.
You will need about two A4 paper sizes worth of material. I suggest using two different ones like in video, so you have good contrast.
Ushanka is a Russian hat for winter use. But can be used all year around.
Follow along with some good cold kvass on the side.
Artyom says hello.

Get the pattern here:

This pattern inspired by:

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Hawt Sauce says:

Hvis det er legit noen norske som ser på LifeOfBoris lik denne kommentaren

zambar25 says:

Boris already became an old cat lady who makes clothes for her cats…

Linas4LT says:

Make a new intro for life of Artyom videos

Night Bot says:

Boris I think my cat is turning Slav it squats sometimes

Batman says:

Artyom has grown quite a bit, he’s a man now

Edward Ackerman says:

I want one for my spy wester cat


Poor dog

Antonis Mitsos says:

Comrade cat need ushanka to go to Siberia and hunt down Western spies .

Γιαννης Κολοβος says:

Boris Come to Greece Cheap country, Shashlik here costs like 1.30 euro and good beer can be 0 .60 cents! Come to Kypseli for cheap food Urod!

Marshmello says:

ok then.

michele bianco says:

For fuck sake, there’s something that you can’t do? You’re a multipurpose slav king

Αγγελος Αβραμιδης says:

Next video show us how to make a vodka bottle cat

depression says:

that kat 1:23 it was from the video when you were cooking with splitting axE!

Dávid says:

Ah man, you living the Slavish dream life. Creating video about making ushanka for Komrade Kat. Then get paid. EZ

slumpTARBA says:

Louis Vuitton ne fait pas le poids

Artöm Truš says:

Hi! You crezy Česká.

Ender Wolf says:

He’s grown! Aww

Fake Thumbnail says:

He looks warm, very well made

SmartSmith says:

Who likes Artyom videos? Like de comment.

The Alpha Wolf says:

I hope you put the hat on the store I would soo buy it

Alvar Urm says:

awsome channel, really, u never keep amazing me!

TheSandMan *stix* says:

Does this work for slav babies?

Azzu says:

Mad Ushanka Hatter Boris xD

zerge. says:

9:42 Lion Vadim

Jonathan Moreno says:

if fit i sit

Shutaro Yuasa says:

Boris, do you think the ushanka will work with dogs too?

Tom Hanive says:

Is that Vadim’s cat?

Craft_ Ly says:

Adopt Artyom’s cat friend

커비타일러 says:

Rumor has it, If you look in Artyoms eyes you’ll see the soul of Stalin himself.

Fishum says:

Still disappointed you didn’t call it Catyusha.

Viper Taz says:

Looks like mozart

Staminoflaus says:

It’s 44 C° here. I have to shave my cats.

Luis Otavio says:

How to slav your kat

Kerem Saraç says:

Ear holes ?

mary freegirl says:

there’s nohing more wholesome than this video

Barbosa003 says:

This is one of the most awesome videos you’ve made yet!

Der Kamerad says:

Artyom looks ready to venture out into the metro

Isaac Castano says:

Boris needs to play rainbow six siege and play Tachanka

Fmurf says:

This was perfectly wierd.

Harar79 says:

komrade kat is becomming more gopnik comrade

Milda Jakštaitė says:

You could make him shoes next 😀

pagansforbreakfast says:

I guess Dr. Zuess was a slav ……………………Cat in the Hat. At 10:32.

-.Afton Builds Prod.- says:

I assume this works for dogs the size of large cats

joey kill says:

There’s only METRO in this channel

atriox the wolf/hyena says:

Your cat is so adorable

Krzysztof Adach says:

Now that peace of art is truly blyatiful !!!

Blue Bee says:

Boris can sew les go

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