Donald Trump Wears A Russian Hat!



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Shinya Kurai says:

I just searched Russian Hat and I found this Donald Trump lol !

Valeria De Jeronimo says:

good sport

Нидерланды - это наше всё says:

Да здравствует СССР!

Stick me thumbs in yer ass says:

*New on CNN* Today, Trump sworn allegiance and fealty to Vladimir Putin, and showed it by putting on a brain controlling device in the shape of an Ushanka. Keep saying Orange man bad and one day you may turn into an Alexa like the NPC all of you who watch us seriusly are. Good evening!

TMISO ༺༊Marvin༊༻ says:

Trump wear ushanka now turn to make amercia russian again!

shadysheep says:

its just a fur hat

SCP -049 says:


MrMorethanexist says:

We all need to recognise that the peoples of America, Russia and Europe have much more in common with each other than with the peoples of Africa, Asia and Middle East. The world is changing fast and we must make the right choice and pick the right allies to fight our enemies. That is all.

Федор Иванов says:

I am russian, but I forgot my language

Cam 4Dan says:

The liberal lame stream media will probably twist this and say, here’s proof Donald loves Russia..ha!

Nexosphere says:

Comrade trumpf

Devin Pattea says:

For the mother land

Xen says:

Trump cant make america great again he is wasting time on doing videos like this and talking bad stuff about russia,i think russia is fighting for good

QualitycontentTV says:

It looks like and turkey stuffed into his head

Genç Adam says:

let me tell ya rest of his talk “…in my dreams”

Akhenaten ramses says:

america and russia need to join hands to fight islam which is using the rivalry between russia and america to advance their goals

Silent Gaming owl says:

I believe that donald trump will make America great again

Wesley Shultz says:


dead channel says:

Its an ushanka.

hozehd says:

been a good week for fur

CrazyCrazy FORCE says:

Trump loves Russia and I do too

sidney collier says:

make russia great again!!!

Xx_DatMLGMemeBoi_xX / says:

America < Russia

Logan Aiello says:

The Hero We Need, Not The Hero We Deserve

Lucy Xiriga says:

Trumps ties to Russia (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Brad says:

The new Wig’s a bit too big!

Lord Tachanka says:

Comrade trump!!!!!!!! I’ll wear my ushanka with him

MotesYT says:

Mastermind 2017

Michelle Nerandzic says:

my god. cant he just learn

Xx_DatMLGMemeBoi_xX / says:


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