✔️ How To Safely Wear A Trump Hat In Public ©The Red Hat Army

With more and more Donald Trump supporters being attacked, assaulted and even beat to death I feel the need to show people how to properly wear Trump attire in public. Thank you, The Red Hat Army. A perfect example is Kino Jimenez, assaulting and robbing a 16-year-old of his red MAGA hat in a San Antonio Whataburger restruant.


RealNews says:

New York says I dont need guns cause the government will protect me 🙂

Love Life says:


Plenus says:

It’s a good thing you go out, you need it bubba.

Fuctmonk says:

Needs to be less worried about guns and more about a fucking diet.

Filips May says:

You are brave!

TNF StillGotIt says:

All yall in the comment racist

ED Shawn says:

God damn I love America..hi from Canada.

TNF StillGotIt says:

I’m prepared too

TheSickOldToad says:

I love you bro.

Boba Fett says:

It’s a sad day when we need instructions on how to wear a Hat but thanks I’m not leaving home without either one ain’t nobody gonna take my Hat it’s a Historical Keepsake and I’m keeping it. “Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones but Hollow-Points Spread on Impact.”


I love this video. I need a maga hat.

Phoenix Crimson says:

Damn straight,be armed cus most haters wanna do harm

InternalScreaming says:

Next tell us how to burn it.

Mark Edlons says:

I hot your back good buddy I will stand by you

PaddleFlambeau says:

You should get a pocket holster and keep one chambered.

Mike Kors says:

Lol scardy cat. Wear it. If they mess with you fight them

A fromDa8 says:

Fuck Trump and all u guys supporting that motherfucker

charles pitts says:

Bet that hat made in china

TylerSovereign says:

Yo I’m seeing this two years late and wondering why this wasn’t viral. This is hilarious and true. Sadly I live in California so everyone gets offended and salty when I wear my MAGA hat but nobody’s tough enough to be violent over it. And our guns laws make us damn near defenseless.

TNF StillGotIt says:

Fuck u racist bitch

TNF StillGotIt says:

I will find u

Foggy says:

I know I don’t like trump that much but it’s sad to see others get attacked for supporting someone

Neptune says:

Get martial arts, not weapons (for urbanites only)

Abdul Jama says:

You need to workout and lose that big fat stomach of yours.

Giovanni Contreraz says:

Dude lives in a nice neighborhood lol

Rocky says:

That .454 is beautiful but you don’t seem healthy, lose weight…

Elizabeth Esposito says:

I don’t like Trump. I hate that you do, but that’s you. You do you. As long as you don’t do some stupid shit…wear whatever the fuck you want.

the gamer cat says:

What should young Trump supporters like me do I’m not old enough to buy a gun my high school would outcast me for being Trump supporter

LadyWolf357Mag V. says:

Hell yea

LynxDraws says:

Sees title and thumbnail

That doesn’t look very safe

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