What Is The Best Trucker Hat To Use?

In this video I answer a question from SabeTheGreat about what is the best trucker hat to heat press on.

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hector roman says:

whats a good setting for pressing these hats and the regular yupoong snaps ? i keep getting that shine from the heat

John Lott says:

non new eara is the truth lol

calimead says:

What up Big B, loving these daily drops in October man…super dope!! I have your “the patch” ebook, would you recommend pressing those type of patches on to these exact truckers?
Thanks, God Bless!


I was wondering about this thanks

JR says:

What do  you do so there is no crease line from the heat press?

ppkeaton says:

Awesome shit bro, I have a question about these hats, and I’m sure you have a video about it already, but As oppose to stitching or a patch, is the vinyl press you’re preferred method of branding a hat? And if I had my own vinyl press is it really cheaper than having them done by someone? Thanks bro

patrick baldwin says:

Do you get a shine when you press hats??? I can’t figure out how the stop it. I tried different cover sheets. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

BeenHotRecords says:

Do you know where I can get dope joggers at wholesale?

Dream Rich Clothing says:

What company I could go to barcode price

patrick reversal says:

I used them too .Creat vidéo straight to the point

KC TSP says:

I’ve press hats before and I get that press crease on the top of the hat, does this happens when you press hats? My hat press is an HPN signature series label/cap press. Thank you once gain for your videos, take care and God Bless.

Glenn Thomas says:

For foam I use Otto. You can pick them up drop ship in Ontario. Cool people. I use the siser easy weed. Works perfect.

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