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The trucker hats look fresh bro!

muhammad haroon says:

I lost it at the intro

MimLovesMemes says:

loooool at you falling

SocialPatois says:

wow. I respect you for the positive charity work. I like the hats. do you like this one

azsupreme says:

love you’re videos best:()

Ibrahim Alhassan says:

Do you ship to the US?

hamidah b says:

where’s the new video

Safa Ruhani says:

naaaaaaa the beginning had me dead

Zakariya M says:

why are you 2 days late ?

Irfan Muhmmed says:

Can you send me one

Sherii Khan says:

Do you practice islam since always or not i mean i am a born muslim too but i started practicing islam later on and also i am also a pakistani

Aliya A says:

I have replayed that fall so many times now….loool

Usaama Abdi Aziiz says:

where are you from Brother

Mhh Hmm says:

Why don’t you record the entire event ?for instance the last event you only showed us some parts?

D Wade says:

salamo3alaykom brother faisal i live in morocco and i want to buy Salaam (Peace) Trucker Cap, and i wanna know how? please answer me jazak allah khayr

mowafi karim says:

I beg you don’t stop these vlogs after ramadan

YusufandAbbid Mahmood says:

What does izaha mean?

Zai nab says:

Srsly tho, is his wife from Pakistan as well?

spoonchill says:

nice hat

Egzon Azemi says:

Eselamu Alejkum brother. How can i get a hat like your hat .

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