Notch Gear Hat Quick Review (HD)

Quick video going over a neat product; the Notch Gear hat.

Notch hat in video:

Notch Hat Collection:

Music by Youtube Creators & Machinima Sound


MybackHurtz1 says:

i dont like adjustable caps with the strap in back because they expose bald spot on back of mmy head. i like fitted caps, like the underarmor caps with the solid back

hagenoft says:

I go to cal berkley glasses… lol

Johnny Doe says:

If the moon was made of BBQ spare ribs, would you eat it?

I know I sure would, then I’d chase it down with and ice cold Budweiser.

Lul Lipop says:

Those biceps though!

EvolvinEvo says:

looks like it would be just easy enough to cut up some notches an old ball cap

Kurt Kenehan says:

high fashion “I go to cal Berkeley glasses”. I fricken died why you said that XD

Terry Johnston says:

Nice vid! I have several of their hats. Love them!!

Light out of Darkness says:

>>>They need to make these in a Flexfit, then I’d be all on board.<<<

fmart3315 says:

I like this channel it’s full of good info and reviews……but what kind of underwear is good for shooting cause the seams always split my nuts and iratate my taint?

morpheus says:

where can I get that t-shirt

Matt M says:

I’m so ready for that retro build

Gun Guy Mexicano says:

So grab some scissors and cut slots on the sides! lol j/k
Cool hat, good idea.

Rebekah-Chris S-K says:

plus you like showing off the awesome haircut so why wear a hat lol

laylownismo says:

Have you ever tried REFactor Tactical hats? They’re pretty shallow and allow me to wear it like you mentioned you like. I typically have the same issue…

mozzberg says:

Who was the millennial in the upper right corner? And what shades was she wearing?

Matt G says:

Cool idea… so simple. Fortunately my head shape doesn’t cause your issue.

M9A1 MAN says:

Good review brother and nice truck. I just bought a Frontier 4×4.

MynameisJeff says:

I like random gear reviews like this. If you get a chance maybe do other reviews on like the belt you use most, holsters, boots, or jackets. thanks

rogue109 says:

But…you didn’t shoot it…  How are we supposed to know how bulletproof it is if you don’t shoot it?

N8morob says:

Never had a problem w
hat/ sunglasses integration. Might be a good thing for the retirees with those over the glasses sun glasses.

numbertoopencil55 says:

I just asked James Yeager if his people in class have had success with this setup preventing brass from getting down between the glasses and a person’s cheek.

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