My Printful Review (Samples + Pros & Cons)


In this video, I review a custom apparel company by the name of Printful. Printful offers fulfillment services and drop shipping for clothing brand products such as custom shirts, hats and more…

Check out the video to see what I like, what I don’t like, and whether or not I would recommend Printful for clothing brand owners and/or people just looking for a custom shirt!

L3 Raise The Stakes Tee (Original Design):

***UPDATE: One important thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that Printful gives you the option to directly connect & sync your online store via Shopify, WooCommerce, etc… This is a sweet feature because it allows your customers to directly order products through your website.

Questions/comments/suggestions? Let me hear ’em below!

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Reginald Jones says:

What program do you use for designing your shirts? I’m totally not a graphic designer, but want to learn more to do my own stuff. I use Shopify with Printful right now.

Jerson Kadchao says:

can you check Inktale it uses the Printful tool so no need to have a shopify store. No need to do a manual order to Printful . Inktale is like teespring but the fulfillment will be done by Printful 🙂

Joe Martinez says:

Awesome videos and very helpful. How did you specify the 3d puff and the outline on the cap when you ordered from printful?

Bobbi Jo Nichols says:

FYI, I own my embroidery/print shop. Having health issues and considering changing things a little. Sell my equipment. LOL I really like the designs..Loved the hats! The puff look is sometimes hard to get people to do for you. I also like the idea of getting one design on the side of the hats. I am curious what the charge would be for the puff design on the hat… As for your logo look your after, have you tried getting them to print them with a fluorescent ink? You might be able to add just 1 fluorescent ink to get that look your after. Sometimes I’ve had issues getting people to do it the way I want it. 😉

Diana Bauer says:

Do you include the shipping cost in for your printful items?

Shema Overton says:

Love the snapback. How much are you selling it for.?

ExposedRoot says:

Not hard to see on camera. Saw it immediately before you even pointed it out. Not a clean print.

R Walker says:

what about the fabric quality?

pk155 says:

Can you collect/download your customer’s email addresses using Printful to start building a mailing list?

Karen Alexander says:

Awesome video thank you so much peace and blessings to you

Sasha says:

Im not sure you said this in your video, if you did please forgive me for asking again. Im hoping to start my own tshirt business online and im very much new to all of this. Ive realised that majority of the print on demand sites charge you say like 50% when a shirt is sold, how much does printful charge you after selling an item?

The Balearic Gardener says:

Really helpful, good review

Karen Alexander says:

Your video have been very helpful to me for my appeal Christian Ministry. Thank you. Peace and Blessings.

Lamazi Paris says:

I’m going to have my own online t-shirt business and I was trying to figure out where I was going to get my merchandise from so thanks this helped a lot!

La_King31 says:

daamnn! nicee work bro! where did u design your hat & shirts?

Livin' Like Chase says:

How did you get the design on your hat to print so big? I am waiting for my samples to come in from Printful but when I looked at the mockup, it seemed real small and not as big as I wanted the design to be.

Doctor Mashigo says:

I love the cap

S T says:

An alternative to halftone you can test would be to make the gradient fade the way you envision it, and then use a stippling or similar effect to make it monotone (effects –> texture –> grain –> stippled). Experiment with the sliders. Then place a solid blue circle (in this case) that’s larger than the stippled artwork beneath the stippled artwork and apply a transparency mask. If all goes well, your stippled gradient will inherit the blue color, and the transparent areas will remain transparent.

Atlasia Gaming says:

If you have any bleeding like there was on the first one, and you contact printful. They will check the machine it was printed on, and send another one once the correction is made.

Rad-Dad says:

Compared to good screenprinting, that big front print is pretty bad. Run a discharge white base with plastisol reducer or water base for a nice soft hand/feel. Support your local Screenprinter.

Jesper Åberg says:

Do you have to register your own business to run a ecommerce store?

BNIBCD Creative Media says:

At around 3:50, you showed a blemish in the print, it may have been not only the screen, but the the screen printer pushing down too hard. Hmmm, now that I looked at it again, since it might be a DTG, it could just be a blow out. Tip of sprayer could have clogged up or something. It was a sample. Even though it might have been free, this still underlines the faulty quality of their product.

A Deus says:

G’day from Brisbane mate btw✌️

Whoo Youu says:

That hat is dope

Nate Beezy says:

What kind of camera you use for your videos

CumUp Flocky says:

Is it Washable & Prototype ???

Family Quotes says:

awesome video thanks! what size and type of font do you use for the 3D PUFF + Side Logo? what are the dimensions in pixels?

Cassius Dio says:

the FIRST thing i thought was “neat neon” don’t change it.. I’ve been using photoshop awhile.. if you would like..try to make your other layers (the halftones) a little less on the opacity. you might get the effect you like if its not as bright..but they looked like hot neon lights. Use a neon sign font and you may improve your effect. I’m a designer. ^_^

Agent Migs says:

The website is super frustrating to navigate though. That lone makes me want to not mess with them.

Jarvis Williams says:

5x3in on the hat sucks..I tried to order a hat and the design was so small cause of the print area

Electric She says:

Great design & who did ur Elevate logo? i LOVE it

jansen melo says:

What about the pricing of theire product is it expensive? Than the other printing like rushordertees?

Miss Nette says:

Printful prices are so high that it’s difficult to make a decent profit. And, not a day goes by that I DON’T get an email from them about merchandise being out-of-stock. At-the-moment, 38 (not a typo !!) of my items are out-of-stock. Not good for a small business !! I am exploring other options.

hip handmade says:

I’m so happy with Printful!

Darkling Cub says:

Re: Neon effect shirt…. Take a look at real neon signs, the lightest/brightest color is in the center of the neon tube and the further from the centerline of the tube, the color darkens/intensifies. Give this a try on your next sample of the neon effect shirt, you might be able to avoid the “gray” outline of the design, while getting a better neon effect.

cordaveus arnold says:

is there a way to have two places to order from like have printful and aura?

People Of Purpose says:

Thank you for the review, signed up through your link. That glow is fire

emceewilliams says:

Just uploaded a Printful Review PART 2 that shows what the shirts look like after a few washes along with some other stuff!
Check it out if you’re interested:

Bev M-K says:

How much does a sample shirt cost?

Antonio D says:

I used them about a week ago and man I’m happy with them. Just watching this video for more in site.

Chill Bill says:

Have you tried customising apparel using vinyl cutters? Thats what i do. The profits are all mine!

A Deus says:

Hey do they put your company’s name or your website name? Or whichever you tell them?

Alpha Rottz says:

Nice bro! Which product is this hat? Yupoong 6007 Five-panel Flat Bill cap or the Yupoong 6089M Wool Blend snapback? Thanks!

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