James Perse Real Vs Fake! $8 vs $80 | Review


Links to hats:
The darker blend in the video listing has been taken down :/

Real Hat:

Songs Used In The Video:
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Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles

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Golflords Golf says:

Right is real

Luke Miars says:


OneBatch says:

where did you get the hoodie?

Christian Jensen says:


Callum Bowen says:


Noah Silvers says:

Right real

Simple Studio says:

The one on the right

jamessx182 says:

The hat you have in the link is not the same as the one your reviewing.
The ebay link you have is an OTTO cap and is black under the visor part.

Hassan Mohammad says:


Dean Costello says:

If you can’t tell the difference it dosent matter if it’s fake

DMcKenna Edits says:

right is real

Sean Russo says:

Where and how did you find the fake one with a snapback. I’ve been searching all over and I can only find the velcro back. I really want one but preferably a snapback one

JoeyBlock says:

Im just gonna buy the fakes because i will loose the hat

ayy lmao says:

Sick video as always bro

Blvbje111 R says:

Where did you get the hoodie?

Liam Jenkins says:


Ezno313 says:

there just grey boring bland redneck hats.

chanvir johal says:


Dakota Sandow says:


queensofia18 says:

right cuz i see the logo cuz

COD GamerZ says:


ころころ says:


Slayhex Tv says:

It´s 27 Dollars with shipping for me (sweden) but im getting it 🙂 Nice vid btw

Nicoli Diaz says:

Hey Harrison, I really want to get the gray knock off version of the hat. However, the one you linked in your description isn’t a “snapback” version of it. It’s the velcro. I was wondering where you got the knock off snap back one. Thank you!

Broken iPhone 7 says:

Last name nevel and lives in Georgia. Welcome to the family.

Nathan Lucero says:


Jared Klampe says:


Baxter Mulley says:

One on right is real and I stopped at 0.45 so u no I didn’t cheat man vids at mint fresh

me dead meme says:

the right one is real

fantastic flight says:


Adrian R says:

the fake hat in the link is way different then the one fake one in the video

GMN Outdoors says:


M.H. A. says:

Left is real, right is fake

Luminary 1 says:

Can you someone post a link to the snapback version? The link harrison posted is for a strap version.

Peter Wahyudi says:

Sorry man want to ask ,that the tri blend or terry trucker? +Harrison Nevel

Nathan Martin says:


jamessx182 says:

Is there a black version?

BalboaCon 1 says:

the link you put for the fake hat does not look anything like the fake hat you own…are you sure you posted the correct link?

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