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Shot by: Timothy Shiiba
Edited by: Matt Siriouthay


Pepper K says:

you should do some karate dude. Youtube is not for you

Binnenkort Verder says:

The first one looks like if your having a huge fore head

1spunion says:

unique fighting style you got their !

chubbyfunster2 says:

control your hands

xander haramis says:

Didn’t he already post this

Michael Saldana says:

How the hell did this man forget about narrow long face , fuckin dumb ass

Rovic Tube says:

Said square shape 5 times

jacob beebe says:

I got that same supreme hat but in red

Enrico Yu says:

you like your gonna shoot the ball when your talking

Seraena Jung says:

My face shape isnt therrrrrreeeee

Daniel Farhat says:

Put your hands down when you talk bro it’s annoying

Alexandre says:

I can easel y say this dude is one of youtube’s whores… with his 3 ass minute videos. And they make him look lazy as fuck

joshua hand says:



feels like he’s dropping gang signs while talking

OTTO Cap says:

Wholesale Hats at

Cameron Louie says:

How about long face

Tickle Mypickel says:

Let’s play a game. Take a shot every time he waves his hands.

A Perez says:

You didn’t do long, thin faces.

Yung Liffted says:

How about wearing hat that you actually personally like ..

Apostle says:

wat about visors

DWayze26 #GiantsPride #HuskerNation says:

thanks richie. you saved me from buying a $90 supreme hat that wouldnt have fitted me.

NJBeast 3 says:

if richie talk to a deft muscular dude that dude might fight him because of the hands

Dylan Howell says:

does he have a disability

Caleb Heyda says:

What if you have a wide face and big head lmao.

George Malgarinos says:


theworldsaconfusingplace says:

whats with this little cocksucker hand movements jive wigger whats a gook wanting to be a nigger gigger slogger….any ideas?

Koala Mama says:

Nigga my head big af why do I wanna make it bigger?

M Bilal says:

is something wrong with hands

Satan's Burrito says:

Why does he sound like Joshua Suarez?

Foreign Boone says:

0:08 on the right stoned richie

cuii qq says:

I love how the comment section is just full of comments about his hand thing….when he does it it’s hilarious and annoying at the same time

RaMiRo LoPeZ says:

Swag fag

Smite_my_ballsack says:

You hand movements look like godamn karate moves

DarkSpoork says:

I just wear a backwards upside down Nike visor

Seviche 4 life says:

count how many times he throws up a hat to the top right

MrXxtoshixx says:

Is that first hat a dad hat ?

Felix Gabriel Montanez says:

wat up with his hands

Joshua Sabatino says:

So all of those were flat bills! Ghetto af, get some class

6 king says:

Who the fuck are you sparring?

James Mason says:

just another tip: if your ears are higher up on your face than most people you will fit camp hats or dad hats well because other hats will look too tall on your head.

Oluchukwu Eziashi says:

your hand gestures are too much, don’t you think?

Tristan Ledgerwood says:

This guy keeps partially putting his guard up though

mycap24 says:

You find the right cap here:

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