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Edit: Stated Finland won the winter war where as a Peace Treaty was signed where Finland succeeded portions of land along the border with Russia. We continue from part one by going over perhaps one of the most recongnizable hats on Earth; the Ushanka hat. In this video we go back in time and cover […]

Hat used by czechoslovakian military

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It’s cold and one should wear something warm on the head. There are a lot of options like beanies and hats, but the most practical and stylish type of winter hat comes from Russia: The Ushanka. See a few models in comparison to western headwear.

Company I got it from Ushanka.com

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Russian raccoon full fur ushanka produced and designed by Arctic-Store company located in Saint-Petersburg. It’s presented on both Ebay and Main store arctic-store.com and can be shipped worldwide

$12 hat from amazon to go with gas mask. Music was “Rush B”-uamee.

Greetings Comrades and welcome to second episode of russian unboxing! In this episode I unbox new Russian Military KGB Fur Ushanka Hat in black! This is very exciting video because it reminds me of the duties I have done for Stalin during my time in Red Army! Please Enjoy!

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Ushanka hat vs my hydraulic press.

Aye, blyat. I could not get all feelings out in first video, so I do this. Check this out: www.Ushanka.com/

In the 1st episode of the Kefir&Valenki show Danny and Ania discuss fur Subscribe to our channel – http://bit.ly/subscribe-russia-beyond 0:35 – All things Russia 1:03 – Favorite national hat 1:33 – Seasonal clothing 2:47 – Narnia and how many winter coats does Danny have 3:00 – Daniel’s gender identity 3:25 – Ania has lots of […]

This is a review of a Russian military surplus ushanka. Below is where I purchased this hat. This hat is really warm and covers the top, side, and back of the neck in three different configurations. It’s made of a 50/50 wool blend. Also, the hat size is small so adding two hat sizes above […]

It’s a Ushanka, perfect for Russian Winter.

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If anyone knows anything about these hats please let me know because the one on the right is really bothering me that this is the first ushanka hat I have seen with flaps that big that over lap instead of meeting at the tips like the one on the right. Cool hats though.

27 June 2017

SIGGI 100% Rabbit Fur Trapper Trooper Hat for Men Russian Bomber Hat Ushanka For more details on this product and to purchase, please find on: http://amzn.to/1l4zFPH

For beginning collectors, Visit my facebook to see my reproduction ushanka’s – https://m.facebook.com/WW2UshankaReproductions