Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat Review – Guaranteed for Life. Seriously!

The Tilley LTM6 Airflo hat from http://www.tilley.com may be the last hat you ever have to buy. It is guaranteed to never wear out or Tilley will replace it for free. It is ever so comfy too.

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Terry Henry says:

Rockin that hat Brian.

Tim Lipinski says:

May have to upgrade to one of these hats from Sportsman’s Warehouse store !  Have a Bonnie Hat (first one wore out) and the brim offers protection from glare on my glasses.  In the Albuquerque area we have sometimes a seventy MPH gentle breeze and the strap is needed !  And the Mollie Head Band can be used durning Christmas holidays to hold some Missiletoes…  tjl

TraditionalBlackPowder says:

You talked me into it, ordered one today (brown). Hiking in the summer where i live is very hot (high 90’s low 100’s) and this will be a nice addition to keep comfortable.

NJ Chris says:

Serious comment tho this time brian… I think this is a great review but i cant even imagine spending like 90 bucks on a boonie… Ive had one from a flea market that i paid a whopping 2 dollars for that is everything i need in a hat… I just cant justify the difference in price…

Stephen Bradley says:

That’s the Best hat I’ve ever owned, I have the Safari in Tan and use it for fly fishing here on #VancouverIsland #BC. Canadian craftsman ship at its Best! I bought mine in the ’80’s & its still water repellent like it was just bought. I paid about $39.95 in the ’80’s so $79.95 today is worth it! Mr.Tilly passed away a few months back maybe that’s why the change in Marketing.

fishing unboxings and reveiws channel says:

I have one bought it in fl. Iove it had it about 8or 9 years best hat I’ve ever had,kinda like a becker bk 2

Charles Larson says:

Looks to be a great hat indeed!!!!! But with that venting in the crown, how good can it be in the rain????

40belowful says:

Nice Hat !! ill check them out:) Thanks for the review:)

Eddie Messer says:

how do you do the sizing I went to try to order one and don’t really understand it

WalterWorld·Vlog says:

Hi, Bryan! Thanks for the review!

I’m looking into getting myself a TM10 — I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and it’s usually quite hot here, so this model would be ideal for me, judging from a handful of reviews I’ve read. Today I sent Tilley an email just to check if the measurement I took of my head is correct, so that I can be sure that size 8 (for my big head) is the correct size.

By the way, I’d like to let you know I’ve used your link to buy a few things from Amazon 🙂

Thereal111t says:

Everything looks better and multi cam

Bill Blinky says:

The best hat review ever. I’ll definitely be looking into these.
I had a nice oilskin style job that my friend from Japan to a liking to. Great hat but…..heavy. Which is why even though he’s got my hat, I still like him.
Features from this I liked were – The guarantee, the light weight, that amazing chord and not a bad style either. Those Canadians are a clever bunch.
Thanks again.

Pinocchio Cozad says:

they make a 7 5/8? I has big melon head.

carmanvw says:

Little buddy at 5:13.

Gary McAlister says:

I’ve wore a Tilley hat for 10yrs it’s still just as good if not better today.

Hog Hunting and Survival says:

It really was nothing but dumb luck that I saw this hat on your other video. I was LITERALLY about 10 minutes from buying an Outdoor Research hat on Amazon. I’m so glad I watched that video! You have now helped me to spend about 125$ on 2 pks of the tarp buddys & this hat. I went & tried one on and it’s seriously the best fitting hat I have ever had! I got mine in the dark olive which actually looks dark brown. Anyway, thanks Brian for showing me this great gear…

Rawhide Leather says:

Nice review! If they would have made the brim 3″ in the front & back instead of 3 1/2″ I would have been interested. Longer brims are just too floppy in windy areas plus it would have looked better IMO. They also should have made the brim shapeable with the wire in it. Don’t like floppy, wavy looking brims. Other solid color choices (not everyone want to look like a hunter) like coyote brown with the sturdier Cordura nylon like these have (not the softer Nylamtium) fabric would have been nice too as well as a more reasonable price. Compared to similar hats these are obviously way overpriced – hence why they can afford the great warranty. Close but no cigar for me.

hoosierarcher says:

I had one of the Tilly wool hats. I picked it up at a traditional archery event. I hung it on a wooden cross beam of the tent I was sleeping in. It was Summer so I had only tried it on for fit, While I was taking a nap someone stole my Tilly hat.

John Williams says:

I own 3; airflow, tec wool, and hemp hat. The hemp hat seems to fit a little more snug than the others. Wish I would have gotten one size larger for the hemp hat. I absolutely love these hats. I would have to say the tec wool is my favorite with the airflow coming in second. Nice review I think you hit all the high points. Only added comment would be the fact you can point out other Tilley fans really easy and it’s kind of a brother and sister hood.

Dwight E Howell says:

Got a hat that is similar but I have idea who made it. Bought it locally. Yours may be better but his one will do for now.

Doug Lloyd says:

I have this model in a light khaki color. I originally bought it for sun protection on canoeing trip. This hat is very well made and works perfectly to keep your head protected. I also wear it when playing golf, fishing, hiking, and while doing yard work. The vent really does keep your head cooler. Much cooler than a ball cap. Yes it costs more than a lot of hats but it’s a lifelong purchase and very high quality.

SwedishOutdoor says:

Looking good Brian 🙂 
Take care, Joachim

Joseph Saetveit says:

I’ve owned several different Tilley hats for over 20 years. A huge fan!

T.W. Milburn says:

morning, Bryan; quite the Noggin Cover ! have wanted 1 of em 4 some time, just cannon justify the price yet, Maybe a yard sale will B my best bet. Thanks 4 sharing, Friend
Happy Trails From The Maritimes In Canada                                              ATB   Terry
God  Bless

Jim Cyr says:

good overview – you recall that I wear the classic T3 which is now entering it’s 12th year. You do have to wash it a few times per season but durability is unmatched. I haven’t needed to buy another one but some of the newer styles are looking pretty good. But you needed to have worm the hat on a few trips or weekends with the scouts to fully appreciate what the hat can do instead of the out of the box review. Next time you got a stiff breeze, go outside with the hat. The back strap is good up to 50km/h 😉

Wingman115 says:

Thanks for the shout out my friend. Welcome to the Tilley community.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

nice hat great review atb John

steve brydges says:

Hey Brian whats up?I have the hemp hat by Tillys made right here in Ontario Canada.

Petals on the Paving Slabs says:

Looks pretty good, liked the wind strap and the pocket.

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

Great Hat, Great review

John Lord says:

Brian, does the hat have a drop down neck shade, and drop down mosquito head netting?  I have these with a boonie (including the pocket and neck strap), a drop down face shade (for winter), and a separate bandana.  If they have this, then I am in.

Craig Sheppard says:

I’ve had a Tilley Airflo for about 10 years now. 100% agree with you Bryan–the best hat I’ve ever had! I don’t think since getting it I’ve ever even thought of wanting another hat. I’ve taken it kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking, to spectator sports, whatever. Best hat in the world.

Lukas Stavrou says:

I think a hat without the mesh would be better, because some that are waterproof can be used to collect water.

Tony Stites says:

we are moving from Texas to Alaska to open a Homeless shelter for teenagers. we are in Canada and there is a Tilley Store in Vancouver I bought me one of there hates. they have some other relay nice clothes but they are to expensive for me. I really like the hate

Alfonso Casillas says:

Nice hat

Tristan Jones says:

Great review, you really know what the buyer is looking for

Wildwood Prepper says:

Thanks with all that being said Perfect would you pay $90 and up for a hat, or did you? I have a Tilley, and Lowes sells one just like it for $14.00 and I can’t tell the difference – the pocket in the crown.

S&Tguy says:

My Dad Loved these Hats. I really miss my Dad.

abner galdos says:

I like.
I’m going shopping.
thank you

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