Tilley Hats – The World’s Best Outdoor Hat

A good hat is an essential piece of your bushcraft equipment. It will protect you from the sun, rain and inadvertent bumps on the head. It will also give you something to fan your fire with or hold wood shavings or wild edibles. When dipped in water, it will help you cool off on hot days. You owe it to yourself to have the best hat you can get…The Tilley Hat…at least that is my opinion…link below..



MrOldclunker says:

Nice hats but ridiculously high in price!

The MMA Otaku says:

“lol folically challenged” same here but i might be a third your age 🙂

Chuck Littleton says:

Down here in the land of Heat and Humidity commonly called Florida my year round camping and paddling ( outdoor ) hat is a Tilley. Mine is the Air Flow model for the semi ventilated crown and with a solid brim for sun protection. The green underside is nice on the eyes by stopping a lot of the reflective glare from the sun. One feature I really like is the pocket in the crown. It’s my emergency bank where I keep a few bucks for incidentals when camping or backpacking. Don’t have to dig in a pack for currency , just get it from my hat.
In the summer when going for a daily walk and being from Texas. My old standby a Straw Stetson with a 3 inch brim for semi sun protection and lots of ventilation.

Martin Archer says:

I have always wanted one. Out of my price range.

Craig Betts says:

i should never of watched this video Mark lol…I bought a Tilley way back in 1993?? but lost it after a marriage breakup in 06…..so i got to thinking why,  not so I ordered one june 23 ,got the hat yesterday..they are nice hats, thanks for the review

Under The Carolina Sky says:

I begged my kids for a Tilley for Father’s Day – GOT IT! The new “Wanderer” – I love my new Tilley. I hike quite a bit and thought this would be the perfect hat for me. I printed “Brag Tags” online and tucked them in the pocket along with a $20 bill lol. Thanks for the post!

David Gaylord says:

a straw mexican hat (gardeners) has a much larger brim keeps the sun off the head and neck we also in construction cut the brim off the hat and glue them on our hard hats

Chance Rogers says:

but are they guaranteed for life? lol

steppenwolf says:

lol no way i’d spend that much on a hat! i’ve had a dorfman pacific outback hat for years and though it looks weathered, the stitching is still intact and the hat itself is still in good condition. know what i spent on it? $30; that’s it. spending $70 -$100 because you think you have to for good quality is like spending $200 or better on a tops brand knife when something from the ontario knife company rat or ranger line will do the same thing and last just as long for nearly half the price.

derek lapointe says:

As a person who never really liked hats, going bald has been a challenge. Now I always need to cover my head. I might just look into these.

Adventure Time Outdoors says:

I like Tilly hats I have just found it hard to find one to fit my giant pumpkin head. lol Great info Mark.

Jim Cyr says:

finally!!! 🙂

cillaloves2fish says:

Nice hats!!

Andrew Offer says:

have you seen the you tube vid “tilley hat self defence” apparently if someone attacks you with big stick all you need is your trusty hat to defend yourself.my tilley is great but i reserve judgment on that use. cheers

The Red Kite says:

I’ve looked at them many times…and one of these days…a package with a “Hiker’s Hat” will arrive in my mail… 🙂 Thank you for a very informative video clip! Atb, and take care. / Tony

alf3553 says:

Love my Tilley hats. Two T3’s . One is fairly new and still clean and the other is my bush beater. These things are hard to kill.

shovelhead8 says:

Nice hats. Thank you for showing them to us, Mark

ward4peace says:

great hats. i have one of the original first run brown hat. it was a special where tilley was in the store. the add on for the opening was a hand braided 550 cord trim in colors of choice. done while you waited and chatted with tilley. whether sailing or fishing its the best.

Woolman Outdoors says:

I have three summer and two winter, the best hats I’ve ever had.

Craig Mooring says:

I must say, you’ve piqued my interest. I’m not so follically challenged as you are, but I do have the genetic defect that results in irregular distribution of melanin in the epidermis. This means that some of my freckles get dark and others just look green when they are surrounded by beet red sunburned skin which can happen in about half an hour. I am seriously considering the broad-brimmed LTM. I was surprised to find it is the least pricey model. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I have bookmarked the site.

Claude Gobbo says:

Hi Mark, I personally owe only one, the Ltm6 airflow. As you say they are not really cheap, but are worth every cent. And if you calculate the time that you can use them, that makes the price easier to swallow.

Artik Nanook says:

Have one, ’cause someone give it to me as a gift. It «worth every penny», ah, ! It’s to heavy, to hot, but surrelly, in the big city, it’s looking coo, adventurer etc, question of branding, that’s it. I buy and old boonie hat in army surplus, and it doing the same job for 5 $, not 80$, and i don’t give a damn if I loose it. Worth every penny, the boonie hat, surrely, Tilley…. if you want to looking as a «backcountry wildman»in a fancy restaurant in town Tilley is your best choice here in canada

Woodswalker 1965 says:

Very dashing chapeau Mark haha! My wife actually bought me two Tilleys but I havent started wearing them yet, when I wear a hat its my OR wide brimmed hat.
The Tilleys are exceptionally well made though!

sameold77 says:

Always wanted to try one but they are a bit pricey. Plus there are so many models to choose from I didn’t know where to start. Thanks for sharing.

steve45ca says:

Nice hats but way too expensive. Thats like buying a top of the line Mercedes to buy groceries 1 a week 2 blocks from your house.I’m a frugal person though…. Cheers Mark!

jake says:

Excellent presentation Mark. I’ve worn the Tilleys for years, especially on the water. As you said, worth every penny…… As a side note. Expensive? Look at the Stetsons. I have one of those also. A birthday gift to myself for outliving two generations of my family.

Far North Bushcraft And Survival says:

Very good presentation. I too have heard of the Tilley hats and their very good reputation for many many years now but have never had one.

Bushcraft North of 60 says:

These hats have quite the reputation! Never bought the real deal yet. Still rocking a milsurp hat until it dies. Might take awhile. That waxed hat looks like the perfect Nova Scotia hat. Take care!

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