Shields Up! Preventing Skin Cancer on Your Adventures

Most of our adventures in TNP happen in the bright sun. That’s a lot of UV. That’s why we cover up. A by request video review, here I’ll cover my favorite sun hats, sun protection sleeves, shirts, and even a favorite sunscreen. Along the way I’ll share our DNA results and how that impacts how much sun you can take…for instance Mrs Nutnfancy is a Viking! Dermatological damage to skin is cumulative and can cause serious problems and even death. Cover up with these smart options.

Sun Protection Clothing:
“Solar Escape Outback Hat” (Indiana Jones style, love it, great quality and stiff brim):
“Lethmik” Sun Boonie Hat (cool style):
“Sun Protection Zone” BIG Sun Boonie (best coverage, shown and used lots):
“Einsky” Sun Boonie Hat (similar to Sun Protection Zone one shown):
“Eclipse” Sun Protection Sleeves (shown, used lots, good quality):
“Pearl Izumi” Sun Protection Sleeves:
Columbia Sun Short Sleeve Shirts:
Seiko Solar Dive Watch SNE391:
Neutrogena AWESOME Sunblock Body Mist:


Ducaso says:

Sunburn and Cancer are not too be disregarded! Thanks for spreading the word with the PSA Nutn

Derek Comingo says:

where can u get these dna tests? How much? I have no idea what i am. I dont even know my fathers name. Mother keeps all from me. and im 38. Shes not quite right in the head i guess but

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

Damn.. I like that Lethmik hate.. a lot. Checking Amazon now.
Thanks for the video

James Hood says:

Applying spray screen initially isnt the best solution. It’s great for reapplication, but you need a good lotion for your initial application, then spray. I use sun sleeves, and always cover up, and that’s really a better solution because chemicals being baked on your skin isn’t ideals, although sun screen DOES NOT cause skin cancer…just ask your dermatologist. Cover up dudes.

Owen Lutes says:

You should do a video called gear to wear while motorcycling

MuTTigo says:

Spot on, all of it. Living in the High Desert/Sierras of California for several years now with a full tattoo sleeve on my left arm – those protective sleeves are the freaking best.

Acey Man says:

Nutn, bag the rubber bands, bro — ponytail holders are the way to go. I use them for all my electronics cables, mainly, but they will do you right. Get the mix pack of colors if you don’t want to loose tf our of them, or go black for the classic look.

hike bike climb says:

Dude, adventure vids, please.

Dave Webster says:

Which dna testing service did you go with, nutn?

Greg Goff says:

A+ vid. Can you suggest a sun hat for a super fat head? For reference I have a new TNP hat that even on the largest setting is still tight.

UnitCrane514 says:

Review the Kahr arms Auto ordinance Thompson!

Tap02 says:

Sun hats are for wimps.

Stephen Maurer says:

Always wearing my woodland camo boonie hat during my time fishing up in Ontario.

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

So Nutnfancy is part Asian. Yes, not too surprising. The Mongols spread Asian DNA all over Europe and vice versa too.

ruskiimperial says:

Welcome to being 11% slav! We shall soon get you some caviar, teach you how to properly squat in an adidas tracksuit and fit you for an ushanka hat for those chilly tactical winters. All items would make great videos by themselves. Keep up the good work, tovarish.

MadtactiX says:

Put a freakin hat on dummy. For your health.

chzzyg269 says:

I wear a Rothco boonie cap often. It does the trick.

Daniel weirdo vato says:

I’ve seen a sun hat were it covers your neck, face and brim

Johnny Brewer says:

Sounds like you’re a descendant of the Roman invaders of Britain. The warrior gene is strong.

martin Driscoll says:

sunscreen complete poisonous garbage

KawasakiRider - says:

Thanks for doing this video Nutn! very important video. I had people laugh at me for wearing longs sleeves in the summer. i asked them if they wanted to pay for my medical bills, or shut up. well they didnt feel like paying my bills and they shut up.

Sam Jones says:

I like these kind of videos. I appreciate your perspective.

Tim Jackson says:

if you had just one?

bofeity says:

“Sunday Afternoons” makes some good UPF protective headgear as well.

ForbinColossus says:


welpro21 says:

I’m no expert, but I believe the cause of most skin cancers are the result of the depleted ozone layer.

Rocket Sturgeon says:

I live in Texas so I get to wear a cowboy hat and only look like a dork with a hat to people who don’t live here.

towert7 says:

Thanks Nutn! I found this video very helpful.

ardean says:

A lightweight summer hoodie with hood up has been my number 1 choice when fishing in the desert. Usually have a ball cap on with it to. Much better than dealing with sunscreen

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