Gear Review: My New Bushcraft Hat!

I like hats, and I’m a little bit picky about them. While I’ve been working on waterproofing my old wide brim boonie hat I ran across this really nice waxed cotton hat from Lee Valley Tools. It’s a Henschel waxed cotton hat that’s about half the price of a Tilley hat, and it’s my new favorite!


Far North Bushcraft And Survival says:

Looks good on ya too.  Take care

Martina Dejaquiz says:

it’s a damned good hat by my thinking. you’re gonna compromise with a hat just like a stove as i see it. that one you have has the wire, good brim, good lasting material, waterproof…….. it looks right on ya. i like it. i’m looking for a new bush hat right now. plenty of’em for high dollar available too, but don’t wanna mortgage house for a hat if ya know what i mean. that cotton canvass hat you have would do fine for me. i would wax it big-time and tarp grommet it like you said for air. no matter what kind there’s upsides & downsides. i like yours. hit liked – thx.

Kalecommando says:

Great durable hat, but it indeed needs some ventilation holes on the side. I would also change the strap and make it Canadian mounted police style. With strap at the back of your head and in front of the chin. Prevents the hat from being pushed/blown off. My own hat is a Barmah Sundowner Aussie hat made from waterproof kangaroo leather. Super soft and durable squashable leather.

hoosierarcher says:

I had one of those and I had hung it from a broken branch on a tree next to the entrance of my tent. I was in a primitive camping area; but it was a fairly busy weekend. When I awoke in the morning the hat and my coffee pot that was on a rock next to my fire pit were both missing. It’s the only time I have been stolen from in the woods. Except the time a raccoon stole a loaf of bread from my wooden pantry box one handful at a time through a small hole in the side the rope handle went through.

braddah_lakai says:

Thank you for sharing Mr. Dean, specifically the pros and cons. I am looking for a good hat myself online, and you know how that can be not being able to try it on, so the details are important. Thanks again, and be safe out there.

Mark Burton says:

The hat looks brownish in color, but I believe Henschel lists this as khaki.  Could you please confirm?  Also, this hat does not come in a size small for some reason.  Most grown men do not take small hats anyways.  I hope that a medium will fit me.  How true to size our these particular hats?  Thanks

yveskc1 says:


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