Woolrich Oilcloth Safari Hat | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes an in depth look at the popular Woolrich Oilcloth Safari Hat. We receive at least one comment on every video Krik wears the hat, so we figured it was due time for further explanation.

Woolrich Oil Cloth Safari Hat – http://amzn.to/1PH3G5o


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Erik Tempest says:

With the ear flap liner this reminds me of a traditional fedora, or rather because of the shape and thickness of the brim maybe it’s an oil cloth version of the Homburg?
Interesting. I’m glad you made this video. Thanks.

Patagonicus says:

That looks like a nice hat. I have something similar, which I had to search a long time to find because I have a HUGE head (size 8+). Almost all XL and a lot of XXL sizes won’t fit me, and virtually no one makes XXXL. If they do, the styles are limited. From what I can tell, this hat tops out at size XL.

Woolrich, if you’re reading this, I’d love for you to get into the giant head market!

Elliot Couture says:

First comment nice hat

Alan T says:

Love the gigantic caterpillar that is on your shoulder at 5:11.

Dan Moreno says:

Bought mine and found your vid.Thanks for the info.Did you know you were photo bombed by a catipiller ….lol

Forrester Bushcraft says:

Looks like a good hat, i may have to get me one of these – however i tend to wear a leather barmah hat at the moment – though i look really daft in hats!!

hiphop909 says:

What happen with the blackowloutdoors hats…I was looking forward to them

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Good looking hat. Ear flaps a plus. Thanks. atb

Pawnbroker 757 says:

Great hat. I also enjoyed the caterpillar crawling across your shirt in the video.

Will Dominguez says:

Check out the Goorin Bros Florence lake hat. It’s twice as expensive, but I like mine better than my woolrich for warmer climates.

Sam Powell says:

I think it would be cool if you did a story time video in the woods sometimes that would be an entertaining video

Jerry C. says:

+BlackOwlOutdoors Is this hat crushable, meaning can this be packed and it will retain it’s shape once unpacked? THX

Stephen Stephen says:

Do a review of the SOG creed please

opichocal says:

I’ve got an oil skin hat from cavenders and love it. It looks more like an outback style and I wear it while riding my moped daily. 3 years and it shows very little wear

JBdrum Outdoors says:

It was just on sale for $19.99, I bought one

eric fehrman says:

Is the liner removable? I’m wondering if this hat would be too hot to wear in the summer?

ratrod diesels says:

where are they sold ?

Ac2myshore says:

Hi I had a question for you, I bought the hat and i love it but i noticed that the leather/faux(?) strip that goes around the hat has started to peel off.  Have you heard of that happening?  I have not had it for a year and don’t use it that often.  Just wondering.

fiddler2u says:

It would’ve been really cool if you had the caterpillar going around the brim. Is he a pet or just an unintentional guest? You outdoorsmen think of everything! 

E. A. Wooten says:

presented by: Krik | filmed & edited by: stony | guest starring: caterpillar

Ivan Hamlyn says:

Nice hat

Zed Outdoors says:

Loving that ear flap, very cool addition to the hat itself as never seen that before on other models. An off the topic question but may I ask what camera you record your videos on? …many thanks in advance guys ~Peace~

jonnebanan says:

Classy hat man. You wear it well!

Guy Womans says:

I love the hat. Great video. I looked up the average head size and it’s 24 inches and my head is exactly 24 inches around but on the woolrich website their XL is 24 inches. What size is your hat and how many inches around is your head? I feel like an XL would be too big on me, and Woolrich is out of large and extra large sized hats.

Survival On Purpose says:

Cool hat Krik.  I have been thinking about a Tilley, but now my decision just got more complicated.  One question, is it really comfortable in the summer or does it get kind of hot?

Survival Mindset says:


kbbjedi says:

Classic styling, i think it’s become your signature look!

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