Western Hats on a Budget

Old West hats on a budget

Trail Dust Town: http://www.traildusttown.com

Drifter ©NADA Copyright Free Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIhvAThPer8

The Wild West…music by Ross Bugden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ

Dustin Winegar: https://www.youtube.com/user/UtahConcealedFirearm

Batjac JW: https://www.youtube.com/user/scorpio86ist

Noah Woods: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCveLTq66SIc_eshbS5tglOQ

Dirty Dan: https://www.facebook.com/keith.ray.3538

Jedi TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/JediGunfighter

Ravenna Old and New West Vestures: http://ravennaoldwest.comRavenna commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE8FV4MwP7Q

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ThePsychoGamers15 says:


JED iTV says:

Great advice for hat shoppin’ on a budget Santee. Like with a lot of our cowboy gear (shirts, vest, britches, etc…), check those Thrift Stores (Goodwill and such)!

Morgan Earp says:

Santee it looks like at 2:54 with the third pic on the right and in the picture on the top left hand corner theres a young man who in my opinion looks a lot like Lee Marvin. What r your thoughts on that??

Dustin Winegar says:

Another great video! Sorry about the packing peanuts all over the kitchen. Next time, I’ll use bubble wrap. LOL!

Tosh Time says:

Chasing bones and specters sent me and gave you a lovely shout out. Just added you and clicked the notification bell. Excellent content and lovely to e-meet you!

DelvisD says:

Cool video my friend !!! We really liked it.
New subbed 556 Thank you so much.

led8541 says:

Great video

BILOM radpie 100 says:

I want one of these for free lol

Joe P says:

good morning Cheese!!!   ha ha ha, when you bought that Knudson hat, did it come with a parasol and stockings? ha ha ha… (sorry Cheese, just funnin…. I just can’t picture you in anything but a black hat!  )

Jake Ford says:

Got one for $2 and 9 cents stepped on it sat on it still lookin good as new

Gregg Woods says:

You boys are havin way too much fun! Now there must be sumthin out here on the ranch what needs doin! And we suggest ya git to it! Great videos guys.

TheStonehammerFiles says:

Thanks for the video, buy what is with the T-rex?

420 EATith Munchies Munchies says:


MPGunther1 says:

Did Batjack get his hat from Jed Clampett’s yard sale

russ elder says:

Some cool looking hats…………get a kick out of you guys

The Fit French says:

These hats are great! i wish i could wear one all the time! prob born in the wrong century haha very good video!
I just subbed (#557) to support you and I invite you to come see my content some day 🙂 cheers!

Gezen Adam says:

like! ..

Bubba Bass says:

Great vid bud always a pleasure to watch..

Ramiro Ramos says:

I’m going somewhere

Eric Castell says:

Another great video. Any idea when straw hats became popular? All the old time photos show felt hats.

Scott Burkhart says:

Good isn’t cheap, cheap isn’t good.

SupraNatural - Gaming, Music, Collecting says:

Can you do “Guns on a Budget” next?

Kellie Ferguson says:

those are some interesting hats 🙂

BATJAC J.W says:


Ray Webb says:

Buy a Stetson! 1865, wear a legend! The only hat I’ll put on my skull.

funny videos says:

Wow amazing this is very entertaining video

silvia salafranca says:

Like#46 amigo!!!!!!!!!!! Buen vídeo!

Bob Hartman says:

Can you describe your hat? Now that is a great line.

WW1 and more says:

Great video I was really looking for a good hat for my Australian expeditionary force impression

Tule Mike says:

Tule sad.want to make my own hat band but can’t find a leather co. in tucson that’s still in bizzness.

BrianOnTheGo says:

Hats are so difficult to find…that one….

EpicHanz says:

wow you great at this! keep them coming! nicely done!

Larssamuel says:

Hi, i am going to an reenactment, and i found a really cool leather hat for 10 bucks. My question now are, can i use it? Where it leather hats in the that time era?

Ramiro Ramos says:

Have you been in my channel please?

Anna Rammel says:

Those hats look really good for budget ones! Have a great Sunday 🙂

Dan Richmond says:

Yah, doing a “shot dead” stunt in a $300 RAND can cause some worry. Keep ’em coming

Don't be late for dinner Belle! says:

I tell you what…..great family approved entertainment for sure my friend. I tip my hat on the great information you shared today. If only me and Noah boy could come across a hat at a yardsell. Tell fat Jack and dirty Dan we said howdy. Thank you my friend for sharing and that was creative collaboration. I’ll check him out too. Your friend Belle.

Bernard Flood says:

Greetings from Ireland. As we see, it’s good to put your brand on your hat as well.

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