Trace Adkins Teaches You How To Fold His Cowboy Hat

Did you buy the new Cowboy Hat of Traces’ from his website or maybe you plan to? Well watch this video as Trace teaches how to bend your hat like his. Learn more at


scott barnes says:

Thedude44963 ur an idiot that is a straw hat u dont use steam.. And I hate me a walmart cowboy

Evan says:

thats the only way i really wear my cowboy hats as well…and agreed, i like the teardrop style better

Michael Seymour says:

y’all payin attention ….cos i aint doin this again.

Juan Carlos Gómez says:

@steelbladeS17 The video was uploaded today, and you’re expecting one million views or what?… At the moment I’m writing this it has 153 views, I think is not that bad considering it was uploaded today… but then there you go…

sergio sanchez says:

damn u fuked it up nigga

NARproductions says:

The hat is “Stetson Black Ace”

carl sorvit says:

where do I get a hat like thats is very sharp !

Melissa Atkins says:


Rachel Garces says:

how come my hat doesn’t bend like that? i need to pin it to hold

omar tibayan says:

i have one like that well thank you now i know how to do it to my hat

Johnson's Pass (Official) says:

Where can I find these exact hats at?

scott barnes says:

And it ain’t called teer drop crown it’s called pinched

VictoryFire88 says:

He sounds like he’s thinking ” Why the hell am I doing this? ” lol

Natalie Riegger says:

I just watched a grown man fold a hat, and enjoyed it. What have I become.

BamaDan197319 says:

OK, I checked the website and still can’t find them. I’ll buy one if I can find one.

Tater Bates says:

How much they run ????

Mark S says:

@TerrorWarrior5000 that was in 2001

Katelyn Newsome says:

Its a Stetson blazer

Dave Thompson says:

Wire in the brim??, fuckin wanna be fuck

Speed Man says:

Looks like a bull stompt the crap out of it.

Juan Carlos Gómez says:

Mr. Adkins… I went to the site as soon as I saw this, but as someone says here, there is no hat in the shoping store… Tell your webmaster to add it please!!! Saludos Señor Adkins!

Jami DeBaca says:

a black, straw Stetson Blazer with teardrop crown?

chas ` says:

what. a. fucking. boss.

torchy3615 says:


You spell like a caveman! It’s “‘WERE’ they made in China?” . . . . “WHERE” is correctly used thus: “WHERE was it made?” (and WERE you there?)” We won’t even get into when “THEM hats” is correct.

Holly Letson says:

Nice hat……but,it sure seems like alot of work to get that look.

ajb92191 says:

somebody got his hat he was wearing throughout the concert last nignt. 🙁 Not me

Devin Smith says:

FYI i know its been 7 months but you jack nade it is called a teardrop crown

sarah sofidiya says:

oh my goodness i saw the title and thought ok……… :/ so i watched it and thinking did somebody seriously ask him how to fold his hat?!?!? seriously??? then i realised that what a trooper he was for showing his fans that and also came to the conclusion that there is nothing i can say to justify the fact that i just watched almost 3 minutes of a guy folding a hat!!!! ha ha ha the power of a country boy is strong!!! lmao 😀

A10helixtangofoxtrot g says:

Cool! Thanks Trace Adkins!
My friend told me he would never fold his hat like that, because he wasn’t a wrangler or something. Is that true? You shape your hat based upon where you’ve been or what you’ve done?

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