This Over That: Brimmed Hats // Fedora vs Trilby – What’s The Difference? Which One Should You Wear?

Your fedora guide here:

What’s the difference between a fedora and a trilby? Are they the same thing? Does it matter which one you wear?

There are a number of differences, they’re NOT the same thing, and it DOES matter which one you pick!

In our new series, This Over That, I’ll take common menswear items and point out the little details between two similar versions… and help you pick the right one so you always look sharp and stylish.

Goorin Bros. Dean The Butcher in Whiskey:
Bailey Criss Fedora:
Goorin Bros. Puerto Lopez Straw Fedora:

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Tanner Guzy says:

Speed ramping on point

Federico Gonzales says:

I cant stand his eyes wth

Prepper 4 Life says:

Too much eye mascara or heroin?

Soushin says:

This video makes me sad. From my uneducated view, I find the trilby looking better than the fedora. I guess I got shit taste.

Darth Vader says:

I too used to be a victim of this. I used to wear those cheap $10 hats that are usually associated with those stereotypes. Now I know the difference and actually got a REAL wide brim felt hat which I shelled over 50-100 bucks over and it looks fabulous! I own a Dark Grey knox hat and I love it! And I wear it with my suits too.

Great video and finally enlightening those out there who don’t know the difference.

Eric Bandholz says:

Woo! A Barron video. 😀

Hayden Huynh says:

Awesome made video!

AHMAD Husain says:

Trilby is not inferior than Fedora…. it’s personal preference and taste…

zoukatron says:

Just came here from Real Men Real Style. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with the overall message of this video – go for quality materials, go for brim widths and crown shapes that harmonise with your face and physique – I do, as a Brit, have to disagree with the distinction between a fedora and a trilby. They are simply and traditional American and British terms for the same hat – the term became misapplied in the US when British “racing felts” with narrower brims were imported and became popular several decades ago (in fact, the term fedora has even been applied historically to homburg hats in the US). You can find hatters selling hats under the names both fedora and trilby with all sorts of brim width and crown shape (Lock & Co, for example, sell some trilbies with brims wider than some of their fedoras). Trying to focus these terms on very specific styles, rather than recognising the true variety that’s out there, I believe sends men the wrong message about how to make their choices. For example, a skinny man with a very square head would want a narrow brim (i.e. stereotypical “trilby”) but would want a squarer crown silhouette (i.e. stereotypical “fedora”) – going for either stereotypical style is the wrong choice to compliment this man’s features. Even pork pies are frequently regarded by many hatters as simply being fedoras/trilbies but just with a specific crown shape. It is unfortunate however, that getting well-made hats with the right proportions is not easy in this day and age. I personally like to wear hand-creased fedoras/trilbies and homburgs – the shapes are more organic and elegant than a pre-creased hat – but getting the right initial open crown shape for me is not easy (open crowns just aren’t popular these days).

jeff deal says:

we needed this video 5 years ago!

Waldemar Gonzalez says:

Educate the masses! I wouldn’t even want to be buried in a trilby

Gentleman's Gazette says:

Good idea for a series!

Nate T says:

Fedora: Felt made from wool, rabbit fur, or beaver fur. Very flexible, can be reshaped.The brim can be any size and can be snapped in many ways depending on the edging. $20 entry level. $200 for a good one.

Trilby: Cloth panels. Rigid shape. The brim is stuck with front down and the back up. The brim is short. Average $25. No high end options.

ATT-RiSK Productions says:

I like that you spent some time at the beginning to not crap on people who may own either or both of the pieces you are reviewing. I don’t own either but think it’s a kind and thoughtful step to take. Wishing you success brother.

ProjectZhax says:

I thought i was wearing a fedora

Somkit Thapthonghuai says:

i mean trilby

David D. Stanton says:

Love my Stetson Trilby

Kevin Rodríguez says:

Thanks a lot buddy! I was a bit confused with both fedora and trilby. Now I have the proper idea for what to wear.

Somkit Thapthonghuai says:

i bought a nice trilby hat that looks like a fedora but with a little bit shorter brim at the name is jaxon crushable blues rilby

Gary Willacey says:

I don’t agree with the views of the Trilby hat. Yes we have a lot of low cost Trilbys on the market, but some are quite impressive & look good when worn correctly, a lot of it depends on the person, how they can carry it off, also if they have the face that fits….not necessarily the head.
At times a Fedora can look overly done with the wider brim, if for instance you’re wearing a T-shirt. A straw style trilby would go with a T-shirt (& shorts in the summer), or even a light weight cloth Trilby which may be pale blue, light grey or white, it all depends on clothe situation. A Fedora goes great with blazers, suits, occasionally a nice dress shirt, but these need to be chosen very carefully to look good together. The Fedora is a dressier hat. Both the Trilby & Fedora have there place, I don’t think that one is better than the other, as it depends on dress situation & also a person’s personal preference. I have both in my collection of hats & find the Trilby to be far more versatile, as you can wear a smart Trilby with a blazer or full suit & casually, the Fedora’s not so much, but when you wear the Fedora with the right outfit, you will look top dollar.
Don’t be a snob, embrace the Trilb, it is every bit as good as the Fedora. You can buy high quality & very decent low priced Trilbys, just make sure the brim is not bent out of shape. Make sure the hat doesn’t have unsightly dents where there shouldn’t be any dents, this makes them look very untidy & nasty!
Storing brimmed hats can be an issue as you don’t want them squished, folded or bent, so make sure you have the space for them.


Todd Nilson says:

I own both and this is a helpful guide for men thinking about a hat. My question is about the fedora brim itself. The fedora I own has a totally flat brim all the way around, not folded down slightly in the front as I usually see them (like the Indiana Jones style fedora, for example). I am wondering if the totally flat-brimmed fedora is its own style or do I need to do something like wet/steam the brim so that it conforms to the downward fold… any thoughts about this?

Jon Bradfield says:

Trilbies are generally unlined hats that were worn by “country” gentlemen. The fedora is a hat for the “city” dweller. This is how hats were defined up to the 1960’s.

You may “sport” a hat, but you don’t “rock” a hat (unless you’re 15 years old and are going out for burgers with Peggy Lynn). Grown men use language that illustrates maturity.

Cheap felt hats are just that. Cheap. If you want a decent hat, you should purchase a hat made from either rabbit or beaver fur. Wool hats will quickly lose their shape in the rain and fall apart after a couple of years. (they don’t re-block well and it is hard to justify buying such an item).

Today, young high school boys seem to think that a cheap trilby looks as if they have a sense of style. This is fine until you are between 21 and 25. This is the time to grow up and buy a real fur felt hat or Toquilla palm Panama. A good hat isn’t cheap. Expect to pay $180.00 – $350.00 for a good fur felt hat and between $200.00 – $800.00 for a Panama that will last 20 to 30 years.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I have been wearing high-quality dress hats for more than 43 years. Experience makes the difference.

I hope that these “pointers” help.

Have a great day.


Yes Borsalino hats are the greatest 😉

SemiAuto Thanos Car says:

*Fedora Tipping Intensifies*

Rami Al-Mudafar says:

You need to be extra careful when choosing a hat. The form and shape of the hat should depend on your length, width, facial form and head size. Some people are better suited in a fedora others in a trilby, and some are suited with none of them. There are plenty of hat makers who still make some high quality trilbies yet.
The best advice is to go with vintage. Although you need to know your head size first, before you venture into buying a hat that doesn’t fit or suit you.

Ron Byjoo says:

You nailed it.

Reggie Hammons says:

Trilby is a great hat! You I wear the Hat don’t let the Hat wear you. Get yourself a variety and style them from within!

Miguel Vaz says:

you are completely wrong about the Trilby…. short…what???? stingy brim??? Don’t talk about you do NOT know

Gaylords of infinity says:

Cheap fedoras looks awful.

Guy Lewis says:

Good info!

johnnyle1080 says:

Roblox fedora

Bruise Knee says:

hey dude, thanks for the vid. what color eye shadow is that? thanks

Jon Bradfield says:

In addition, look to Christy of London for some better hats. Borsalino used to be very nice, but their rabbit fur hat bodies have grown thinner (cheaper) in recent years. The quality isn’t what it once was. Magill of Canada makes some decent rabbit fur hats.

If you have the patience, look up Northwest Hats at 870 Pearl Street, Eugene, OR Mike Miller is one of the best in the business. He will make a bespoke, (custom) high-quality hat for you. I have had him make two custom hats for me. These hats are the centerpieces of my collection. He doesn’t make cheap “junk” hats from wool. He works with only the finest rabbit and beaver fur hat bodies. With Mike, there is no compromise, only the best. (His hats are a great lifetime investment).

Look him up.

Jeff Barnett says:

Very Informative

David D. Stanton says:

Not cheap. The material of all Stetson especially my trilby is perfect. Big brims suck on me. Fedora look stupid on me regardless. The Stetson Trilby is the traditional Blues player hat. Look at the Stetson Trilby go back and look again.

Sean Galbraith says:

Always fedora, never trilby 🙂

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