Stetson Western Outback & Western Crossover Hats for 2019 !

Stetson Outback & Western Crossover Hats for 2019
A LOT of good information here, about the western hat “X” quality-rating system, the differences between westerns and dress felts, and various Crossover hats that combine elements of cowboy hats, but aren’t necessarily western hats.

Not everyone wants a Ten Gallon Western Hat. In fact, the majority of Western customers want something layed back and as un-costume-like as possible…
in NYC, if you wear a big, old Western Hat,there’s bound to be some fool coming up to you asking,” Hey!..where’s you horse?”
Folks today want a cowboy hat that doesn’t overpower them,they want a hat to go with their wool overcoat or bomber jacket, something for every day, walking to work,hanging out day to day..

The western crossovers and outbacks are medium and smaller westerns with flatter brims, lower crowns, and basically just smaller profiles, for us.. “less tall” folks, or for the ladies..those bigger,ten gallon Western won’t cut it..

Just a few of our western crossovers and outbacks, the smaller westerns, and safari styles hats from Stetson 2019, there are many, many more styles on the way for 2019, just tons of hats, styles..
They tend to arrive and then sell out within a few weeks, but there are always more styles arriving..
these are a little sampling, enjoy!

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Soli Deo Gloria 16670 says:

Your hair looks great. A lot cleaner look. Probably feels better.

Timothy Wickberg says:

I was curious about a hat you featured in a previous video, the name of the video is felt typed and qualities from three weeks ago.

Lewis Ward says:

“So, going how is a long day.” —Kevin You must live in the far reaches of Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island! So you’re old enough to remember the western hat craze of chelate 60’s and early 70’s! I recall hats that were hewed encrusted going for $10K in the mid-60’s in the Lustig’s (?) cowboy wear catalog. thought they were for the brash tasteless oil barons.

NorthEast_ 86 says:

– WOW, you were not kidding about that 1000-X Stetson my man, $4,999!!!

Alan Moberly says:

My favorite hat style that reaches into the old west in the Montana Peak.

【SF_Nasty】 says:

This hat look like at Indiana Jone hat 2:00 ?

Alan Moberly says:

Great video!

Daniel G. says:

Love these videos Kevin. Love your guitar playing but these videos from the shop are mesmerizing. Thank you for doing these.

Cmaster03 says:

One of the best hat videos I’ve seen in a while. Kudos. You lay out all the subtle differences between western style hats and classic fedoras and bring us up to speed on some modern examples…without sounding too much like a commercial. Great video. Thank you!

Sean Carr says:

I could watch these videos all day.

hetiszielig says:

Hi Kevin. A question that is dat from this video, but still want to ask.
You know Signes from Spain. I saw a model (Pico. Check their site) with a 7,5 cm brim. This model is a typical Bogart style hat.
So what I want to know is whether it is possible to flatten its brim just like a Gambler/Pork Pie. And perhaps the crown also like a porkpie. What you think. Because I heard that the quality of the hat is not like a Borsalino: stoffering I think.
Thanks my friend

Rich Newill says:

This is a great video Kevin. I like the idea of a traditional western hat but in reality can’t pull the look off. These style hats suit me more. Saving my pennies for the Open Road. Would love to see a video tour of the shop.

Timothy Wickberg says:

Keep the videos coming Kevin, you are exposing people to style.

Steve Egbert says:

I have a Stetson Gallatin crushable that was buried under my camping gear for several months and got bent out of shape. It has a hemmed brim that has a couple kinks and feels like there is some kind of stiffener in the hem, not like wire but maybe plastic? Can I try steam to get it back in shape? Thanks, and I enjoy your informative videos.

Al Rau says:

Well done, Kevin. This video is definitely one of your top ten! As spring time arrives I’d be interested in a review of straw hats if JJ carries them. Thanks!

Libertarian Taco says:

No stetson 4x senaca? Cmonnnnn lol
Great video though thank you for doing it
There aren’t many detailed hat videos on YouTube.

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