Stetson Cowboy Hats: The Making of a Legend

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Have you ever wondered how our cowboy hats are made? We thought so. This video, The Making of a Stetson: Cowboy Hat, is the second installment of a series that shows how we make each kind of hat that we offer.

Music by Radio Moscow. Check out their latest song on iTunes, called Lick Skillet. Directed by Xiao Li Tan, DOP: Claudio Rietti, Concept by TJ McCoy.


phoenixfirex says:

I wasn’t makin’ fun of Cowboys or Their Hats!
And just because YOU have never heard it,
does not mean that Cowboys haven’t said “Yeehaw”.

Dennis Scalzitti says:

I’m proud of my Stetson hats. Made with pride in America. And with every purchase, I’ve always been told “Wear it in good health.” Gotta love it. 😉

Mary says:

I’ve had one for over 40 years. It was bought at a time when the company was going through some troubles, and the quality wasn’t as good (the felt’s OK, but the lining and band were 2nd rate. I had it rebuilt at the Greeley (Colo.) Hat Works in about 2000, and the replacement lining and band are much better than the original). It’s been blocked as a Montana Peak (also known as a Reverse Gus) since about 1990.

Edward Dusty Rhodes says:

I see the leave the part out where they go cheap and glue the liners in instead of sewing them like back in the old days.

lino gomez says:

I love stetson hats

Dign-nbama says:

Long Live Stetson Hats…

005showme says:

Fiddleplayercowboy, Yee (a variation of Gee) and Haw are “right” and “left” commands for driving horses

kindafoggy says:

It’s interesting to compare this with Ben Model’s “Birth of a Hat” silent industrial film on the same subject. Though you don’t see wall to wall people in this factory, it’s impressive that there’s so much “hands on” still!

phoenixfirex says:

I have only one thing to say…

Dookie says:

I would flag this for porn, but I don’t wanna be a douche

Ylub lub says:

I’m from Switzerland and I love hats. I will buy one of this beautiful cowboy hats. 😀 Yeah!

Brett Trigloff says:

I’m looking for a new hat lol what style is this man wearing in the end?

legohero451 says:

I like this hat because of the doctor! Stetsons are cool!

Vallarta R says:

saludos los mejores

Diego Lima says:

Show !

Ducttapestuff says:

True blue American manufacturing right here. Simply awesome!

Stetson Souder says:

Apparently my parents liked these hats…

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