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RyzFragz34 says:

I remember my father and uncle wore this lol. I have not smelled in a long long time. Now I want to sniff it again. Probably going to bring back memorys. Thx for the vid.

svtang03 says:

LOL Sounds like this might be the stuff cowboys wear on brokeback mountain.

clintbronson5 says:

Do BRUT next!

alain cote says:

Is it the one that has 4 stars on Luca Turin?

GingerBred1991 says:

I notice the stores have this for 75% off after the holidays. It stinks. LOL

Sheba_Lifts says:

It is sort of a curdled musk with the other notes powdering through…

raidernationcali says:

Just hoping Amanda wouldnt say it smelled like her ex-boyfriend?!lol cuz then they’d be probs in mickerland! :}

George McNair says:

Great video. Me? I think Stetson smells like a less masculine Youth Dew. I had to make a trip over to the Estee Lauder counter to confirm it after I read Tania Sanchez’s write up.

Jolly Victorian says:

LMAO! You are too hilarious! Gotta love your enthusiasm!

joe edwards says:

Stetson black and the new stetson caliber

James Baird says:

So never tried it SOTD Farenhieght Dior

jeffrey18930576 says:

Great video, Thanks !  What type of fragrance should a modern cowboy wear ? LOL

joe edwards says:

Hey I requested Stetson but can you do the Stetson line Stetson black is a complete different animal can you plz do stetson black/ and also the vintage canoe lol

big patmo says:

Oh hell nawl!!!!!

RyzFragz34 says:

Or it will make me sick. Lol

Xanovia Scents says:

I love when you go after these old fragrances… Perhaps this is why the old west whores would smell this way… Rubbing off of the cowboys… ^_^ Thanks for taking one for the team yet again Dan…

beefcurtainz69 says:

Oh its definitely one of the worst. That commercial in the early 90’s with the man on the horse saying “Stetson makes it easy for you”  Funny how bad it is also!

SuppressorBN says:

I’ve always wondered how some guys know what a whore smells like. I’ve never visited a whore, so I have no clue what a whore smells like. Interesting. 

mwb9653 says:

Great video!!

Natalee Patel says:

lol so funny! What a laugh! Eeeeewwww!

zonemanager3 says:

Frank Lundy’s  sotd.  lol !  funny review dan.  how far along in dexter are you?

Lanier Smith says:

I am on the floor and I can’t get up because I am laughing so hard. Call 911! Where is my Life Alert button?  This was a really great review Dan. La Jeune Femme Stetson by Guerlain! 

Sheba_Lifts says:

If u really want to cry smell LADY Stetson!LOL!!!

Kollectr Dad says:

If your life depended on it, which of these two would you wear?  Stetson or Grey Flannel?

Preston White says:

Lmao He hurt em bad with that “you smell like an old whore” hilarious lol

PromotingTheBeat says:

lol Can’t believe you reviewed this.

Even your poor dog is crying over the smell. ( 2:33 & 2:42 )

Joseph Edwards says:

gravity by coty

TommyB739 says:

A big no no with wearing Stetson, at least with Brut you can get away with wearing it.

kenlab77 says:

You are a brave soul for spraying this on your skin. 

rhaybans says:

love my old school frags, but this one crosses the line of smelling outdated. it would be like showing up to a party wearing bell bottoms and platform shoes. that being said, I don’t particularly mind it’s style, but it uses pretty cheap-o ingredients. I definitely still gravitate toward the classics. today’s mainstream frags for the most part are total shit.

RyzFragz34 says:

It it just make me sick lol.

L8bro says:

HAAAH.  Your face at 1:10 is priceless.  Another great video Dan.

Muppet 325 says:

Stetson black is good in my book. Looking to pick up caliber

AGentlemansJourney says:

I love smelling like a cheap dirty western whore, Dan LOL. Its a slug to the sinuses and a bitch slap to the brain. My best friend loves this stuff but I don’t judge.

carriersignal says:

So, I can respect a review like this even if it is a bit over the top. I have to ask however, what cologne do you the reviewer like? I’m always trying to get different opinions on the topic as they seem to differ wildly. People are critical of older colognes, but rarely offer any alternative. What older colognes would you prefer for yourself?

Andrew Ryan says:

“I don’t know. I never been a cowboy.” Stetson Black is the panty dropper.

Fragrance Bros. says:

“you smell like a whore”  LOLOL

Kollectr Dad says:

its 10 bucks for a reason.

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