Stetson Apache Hat Review

This is a basic review of the Stetson Apache. Made of Buffalo fur this hat can withstand all four seasons and looks great through the year.

Ill be using this hat to fight the sun while out doors and will be looking forward to using the hat during some serious lever action shooting events.

If you have any positive input leave it in the comments. Stupid comments won’t even be seen so don’t bother :-).


antikoerper256 says:

Amazing piece of american culture, cheers

Python26 Linux says:

I love that hat, how much did you paid for it ?

Dign-nbama says:

Nice,,, and American Made..

OGlokkz says:

The Amount Of Xs Is Basically Stating How Fine The Fur Is, From 1x To 100x The Higher You Go The More Expensive Lol

riffmaj7 says:

At first, Stetson used the x to describe the cost / price of a hat. For example 2x or xx meant twice the price of a 1x hat. Therefore, you should be able to figure out what a 3x means. But that was back in the 1800s and possibly early 1900s. Since then, x values vary  with manufacturer and not all x values are equal or basically there is no standard as to what constitutes a 3x or 5x or even a 100x as each hat manufacture has their secret sauce recipe locked away in a safe. Today, I do believe the x value signifies quality (secret sauce) more than anything else. 3x probably means 3%, or 30% or something like that of buffalo fur. I don’t think it’s means 100% buffalo.  Anyhow, I have the Apache. Purchased it back in Dec 2016. Really enjoy it. You should do some research on western hats. You’d be surprised to find out that Stetson was inspired by the Mexican hats worn by the VAQUEROS!

Mackk Mcphaul says:

l will be buried with my Stetson hat. 1st/9th Calvary U.S. Army aviator
CWO 2 McPhaul

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